Any views on strength and conditioning coaches?

Seems a critical piece going into a critical off season of developing players if we are going to turn this around.

Some guys love to work out and most don’t. That is just the way things are. I would guess one of the roles of the S and C Coach is to help everybody reach their potential, no matter what. Some need no motivation in getting to their strength goals…others need a lot of motivation and help. This is the same for academics and for just about everything in life. There are self-starters and then there are guys you have to horse whip to get to go to class and to work out.

It is a shame that all students don’t have the same help and guidance that the athletes do. I bet the graduation rate would be a lot higher if this were the case.

Sam said at his introductory newser that he had not talked to Trumain Carroll yet. If that conversation hasn’t happened it will soon. Sam needs to get someone in there that meshes with his idea of how to build a team.

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If he doesn’t keep Tru, I’d like to see us make a push for Tank Wright who is second in rank under Herbert at Michigan. Wasn’t a huge fan of Herbert, but I’d like to give Tank a try, former Razorback and ranked as one of the top 30 under 30 coaches.

That being said, if they players like Tru, then we should probably think about keeping him. I’d assume most Strength coaches can adapt to whatever the coach wants.

We don’t need to be giving people a try because they are former players. I’m sure the one CSP selects will be well experienced in the style he wants and a mean a**.

Wonder if any movement on S and C?

Would think ideally you would want person and program in place when players return for semester

Carroll had four assistant S&C guys. They’re still here according to the UA website. They can get things going until Sam names their new boss. In the meantime he can tell them how he wants things done.

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