Any updates on today’s game

Checking the college World Series website it is pitiful updating when games might start etc. do we have any clue as to when today’s game might start?

BaumbasticHawg just said the announcers came on the intercom and said weather delay…so no time soon it looks like.

The official cwsomaha site just says delayed with no further updates available.

It is indefinitely delayed.

Phil just said that the tentative start time is 11:20. Who knows?

CWS Twitter feed said weather delay more than an hour ago. No updates.

It looks like rain on TV. When it does start the defense will be dealing with throwing a wet ball! Just our sorry luck. The weather cost us last year and I’m hoping we can win despite of this rain! It will take a lot of runs to win! Poor field conditions turns this game into a toss up!