Any updates on how Joe’s knee held up?

Hoping he didn’t have any issues after the game.

His knee, to me, looked swollen when he stepped down from his postgame interview Saturday. We’ll get more from Musselman today at 2, I imagine. Arkansas’ midweek games being on Wednesday from now on is important. Another day to mix in treatment, rest and practice reps.

Are you sure it wasn’t the tape job that made it look like a swelling. I would think it would swell but not by the presser.

BTW , the gap between Wednesday and Saturday is the same as the one between Saturday and Tuesday.

I wasn’t surprised to see him play and start on Saturday. But was surprised to see him play 38 minutes. It was as if he didn’t have the surgery.

And he moved really good.

When he stepped down from the raised platform in the interview room he did not have anything covering the knee. I just see it as a good thing he doesn’t have to think about a Saturday-Tuesday turnaround after his first action in two and a half weeks.

Re-watching the game this morning for player shot charts, Isaiah hit a season-high five 3s from the right wing on six attempts. He’s shooting 39.4 percent (26/66) from the right wing this season.

His stoke looked good and he also took his man to the hole once. He is always a willing passer! I thought he was smooth and played solid defense.

Eric Musselman just a few minutes ago: “From all indications from (trainer) Mark (O’Neal), everything’s good. He’s feeling good.”

Now that right there is good news folks!

Good to hear!!

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