Any updates on Garland?

Is he a redshirt candidate due to his health?

No one knows, or I should say the people that know won’t say.

My gut feeling is he is done permanently from competitive BB and will be a medical redshirt (keep his scholarship, but frees up CMA to recruit another player). Scary to think of another Hank Gathers or Reggie Lewis situation.

Isaiah Austin, the Baylor player with Marfans syndrome, returned to BB but it took 2 years to clear him to play.

I’m afraid Navy is probably right. I’ve talked to people up there and they don’t expect he will be cleared.

I think you are right on this. Most folks cant talk because of HIPAA regulations governing medical privacy.

Allen Garland actually talks on Hogville, he updated them on the issue, but Hogville changed their basketball site, and I can’t find his comments

That is a tough break. Garland is the most skilled recruit in our freshman class.

As Dudley alluded to in another thread, I wouldn’t count on having him this year. Maybe it gets sorted out at some point, but the kid’s safety is obviously top priority.

Will be interesting to see what they do, because scholarships are tight moving forward.