Any update on Patton & Brown

Maybe I missed the news on Patton. Is he in camp?
Are we still waiting on the clearinghouse for Brown?

We’ve written about Patton several times. He is here and has been for the second semester of summer school. If you missed it, you were not reading very much of our content, either the stories or the message board. I’ve mentioned Patton. I wrote about his obvious ability in my first day column on Thursday of last week. We’ve also had a couple of stories about Montaric Brown not being in camp. I guess, as you say, did miss all of that.

I love questions. So don’t stop asking. That’s what the forum is for. We’ll bring you up to speed any time you need it. There are no bad questions.

Montaric has one last class to finish at home. Then, he’ll wait on the Clearing House to certify him as eligible. The best scenario is that he gets to campus Aug. 14. Worst case is that he arrives for the start of school two weeks later.

Clay, to clarify on Brown and what I think I remember CBB saying about him, is it for sure tht Aug. 14th is the worst case and not maybe at semester? Getting here in Aug. would be great for him.

Got to chat with Lunney today, so I’m writing about Patton at the moment and should have something up on him shortly.

Fall semester starts August 21.