Any Update on Garland.

Has there been any news yet?

I think Judy Garland has a better chance of playing for us than Khalil does at this point. So sad. I feel horrible for the guy, but it would appear that God has other plans for him. I hope he stays involved with the program. Perhaps he has a future in coaching.

Nothing has changed.

As RD says, no news. But I sure am impressed with Khalil’s attitude on twitter. Eternally hopeful, always cheering on his teammates, Razorback football players, women’s BB, baseball and track players. What a classy young man! Well done Mr and Mrs. Garland.

When I think of Khalil, this question always comes up in my mind about nice people when they face adversity like this or a final adversity. Why does God do this to such nice people? Hopefully, in Khalil’s case, it is a test. And FWIW, the kid is passing it so far with flying colors.

I have been told by Someone who is very close to the program that the UA will never take chance on him. The risk of lawsuit if something to him. If he wants play it won’t be here. They would like him to go on medical hardship to get his scholarship back. Garland wants to play and won’t take the medical hardship.

If he wants to play he needs to transfer. I feel sorry for the kid

That’s what I’m hearing too. Don’t know how reliable it is, but it’s been floated that he’ll transfer to Memphis if he won’t be allowed to play here.

The only thing I don’t have any information on are the medical results. That’s very tight lipped and whether he can legitimately play or Anderson doesn’t want to risk his life no matter what is a mystery.

Unless I’m missing something, whatever medical issue prevents him from playing at Arkansas wouldn’t that also prevent him from playing somewhere else?

If I am the AD of let’s say Memphis knowing that Arkansas wouldn’t let the man play… Are you going to let your head coach play him?

I assume he’s gotten a second or maybe even third opinion on this situation?

Not necessarily. From my understanding(so take it as that), if the doctors flat say he can’t play, then it’s universally accepted as his career is done. But, you can be cleared to play, but coaches/school standards of being physically allowed to play can still prevent him from playing at that school. So if Anderson is still afraid that whatever medical condition he has will still be a threat to his health no matter what the doctors say, then Garland can go to a school that will let him play.

I think the Garland family would have said something by now if Dr’s cleared him to play & its MA or the UofA holding him back.

Let me be clear about one thing.

If doctors cleared him, he would play at Arkansas.

The rumour that he wouldn’t is just flat out untrue.

Fair enough

It must be tough on the young man. I continue to pray for him and his family. Thanks to all of you for thoughts about his situation.

Yea it’s got to be hard just watching would be team mates practicing / playing together everyday. Im sure this young man has worked & dreamed of being a Razorback.