Any tv for this weekend?

Will any of this series with LSU be on TV?

The Saturday game is scheduled on SEC network at 7pm.

Man, when are we gonna have a 3 game series televised?
Have we even had one??

I don’t think anyone has has a 3 game series televised. At least not until we get to the NCAA tournament. I’m pretty sure the Super Regional games are all televised in some form or another. The CWS is televised. I’m not sure how widely the regional games are televised. Some probably are not.

I watch every game on my big living room TV with a streaming device. If you don’t have one, it’s one of the best $45 or so investments you can make for your home.

It is rare that a team will ever have three games on traditional TV, but all of the games are available through WatchESPN. The upcoming Texas A&M series will have all three games on TV; the first time I can ever recall that for an Arkansas series.

Thanks for the info. I’ve been watching the games streamed thru WatchESPN, on my tablet.

I prefer Roku, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. We also have a FireStick and it performs well.

This may sound crazy to some people but I listen to the radio broadcast of every Hogs game! Even when they are on TV. The announcers annoy me most of the time and there seem to me like most of them show no respect for our hogs! I enjoy our radio crew and enjoy listening to them! It reminds me of the some of the good old days of hog sports.

Army Hog, I do the same thing! I use Tune -In app for the radio broadcast.
The only problem is that they are hardly ever in sync. I don’t mind so much if the radio broadcast is ahead.

My best not-in-sync story, and radio isn’t even involved:

The Black Friday game with LSU at Baton Rouge in 2007. You might remember that game. My parents came over to my place to watch for some reason. We were in the living room, my son was being anti-social and holed up in his room, but he had the game on his TV as well.

So we get to the third overtime. LSU scores, about to go for two to force the fourth overtime. From his room, my son yells “Interception!” Sure enough, about five seconds later Matteral Richardson grabs Matt Flynn’s pass, game over, Hogs win.

Two TVs, same house, and the TV not next to the main incoming line got the play five seconds quicker (Comcast, if you’re wondering).

I’ve noticed the same thing with Cox in my current place to an extent, but the TV by the main line gets it a second or two sooner.

Same true with DirectTV in my house. Our bedroom gets lines of regular TV programs about three seconds ahead of the first line (and most watched TV) in the living room.

I have the same issue with non-synchronized play. Radio is always live or close to it, but I’ve found differences in TV, too. HD seems to get the signal later than older TV’s. I have a buddy who watches at his house while I’m watching at mine. He loves to text me during the game. I can often tell from his texts that something good or bad is about to happen on my TV. I figure he’s a good 10 seconds ahead of me, even though we’re both streaming.

Ummmmm . . . next weekend? We play the Aggies at home; the first two games are on the SEC network, and the last one (Sunday) is on ESPN2.

By the way, Borehog, at the risk of sounding a bit harsh, you need never ask about games being broadcast or not. Just look at the schedule on the U of A website; they have schedules for each of our teams (men’s and women’s), and they will show the broadcast information.

Here’s the one for Baseball. Suggest you book mark it for easy access. :wink: … /schedule/