Any tv for game tonight?

Not seeing anything


As long as we’re playing a game in Verizon, and it’s not good enough to attract ESPN, it will not be on tv anywhere. Verizon is not set up for an SEC network telecast. It’s just not going to happen

It was on the SEC Network in the 2014-2015 season when we played SEMO.

From what I understand if the SEC Network, ESPN, or CBS doesn’t pick up the game the only other option would be for it to be live streamed via SECN+ or ESPN 3 and Verizon arena doesn’t have the equipment in place to live stream the games via these services, so they would have to rent out a crew just for the Verizon game to do it. Which they’ve opted not to do.

On a side note, is anybody that’s going to the game, putting it on periscope :slight_smile: ? I’d take horrible video quality and buffering over the radio. I’ve gotten spoiled over the years with all the games being on TV, and I can’t make the LR game this year.


Sad!! This is 2017 and our Flagship program can’t swing streaming one simple game of one of its more exciting BB teams in years SMH.