Any truth

to the rumor that Ka’lel Ware is seeking to get out of his NLI with Oregon? Anyone else hearing this?

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Absolutely no chance is what I’ve read.

I heard that about a month ago, but haven’t seen or heard anything since. Think it’s just a internet rumor

I asked and was told there is no truth to that.

Still strange to me he wouldn’t want to play with Smith and all the other great players we have coming in.

With him I think we would have a very good chance at winning it all.

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I kept hearing both he and Smith just wanted to leave the state. Obviously, Smith decided to stay, and Ware decided to leave.

Last time I talked to Ware, he said he wanted to go out of state and that he loved Oregon’s weather. :face_with_monocle:

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Once Ware lives in that miserable weather for a year his time may change.
I sure didn’t like Ft Lewis!

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He should be able to afford nice rain gear… :wink:

I loved Ft Lewis, :joy::joy:. Didn’t like Yakima Firing Center. 1976-1978. North Fort. Yep, I’m old. :joy:

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I considered moving to the Ft Lewis area some years ago when I left Germany. Then they had a big earthquake and I decided to go to Columbia, MO. Only stayed there nine months and was able to get back to Fayetteville for a few years. Anyway, that earthquake in the Tacoma area must have been around 1992 and scared me off that area, beautiful as it is.

There’s no place like home! Once I retired I was on the first thing smoking to Arkansas!


Everybody ought to live out of state for a year or two. It makes one appreciate what a great place to live Arkansas is.


So did I.

Yes for sure. People from Arkansas are normally nice and more polite. That’s the older generation. Some of the young folks need a lesson in common sense and manners. Let them take a trip and they might conform to what’s right. I’m proud of my home state!

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Apparently, there’s issues that have arisen between Ware and the Oregon coaching staff. The door for him to end up at Arkansas isn’t permanently shut quite yet. We’ll see how it shakes out.

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I know you can’t coach height but the kid is lazy and he will get pushed around in college. He has a lot of developing to do before I think he will be a force in college.

I won’t call him lazy, because I don’t know if he is or not, but I have seen him several times and he doesn’t dominate the way you would expect of someone of that size and skill set. The consistent refrain about him is that he needs to work on his “motor”.

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Work on your motor = a bit lazy no?

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