Any truth to the rumor

Gragg is moving on? Reported elsewhere he was on phone in tight end meeting and when asked to get off he ignored request. A meats was the word used to describe that scene. Any truth to that? Plus some Twitter or internet he has posted and hog stuff he has deleted from his account. I have no clue. Just wondering since he has been relegated to scout team if there might be some truth to this.

Pardon my not understanding. But what did you mean by “a meats” was the word used to describe the scene? Typo?


No inside information but it would not surprise me to see Gragg leave.

Sounds like a Last Chance U type of move if true.

Hope they can work it out with him.

We have it on good authority that Will is not transferring from Arkansas.

Why would it not surprise you?

I would think cell phones aren’t even permitted in team meetings period. Save the distraction. Might as well let players take their phones to the practice field as well. Or do they?

Not true

“Meats” is what they have at Arby"s

Why would anybody post this rumor on a message board?

That is exactly what message boards were created for

Ugh, you mean for gossiping?

How would you feel if Gragg was your son and none of this was true?

Do y’all remember the drama about DJ Williams transferring? Of course it was all bunk, but that didn’t stop the speculation. Some still didn’t believe that he was staying, even after seeing him in the trough at successive basketball games.

Appreciate mods getting on this rumor so fast

We might as well take down the thread

Was to get the real scoop because Ive seen it now 2 places. Was not trying to gossip, just wanted real insiders to verify or put the rumor to rest which they did. They can take down the thread now the truth is out there. Isn’t that why we pay and have this board to get correct info and feedback. I’m glad the rumors are not true.