Any truth to rumors?

Is there any truth starting to emerge that Mike may be out? With the amount of rumored transfers and others leaving for health, or NBA how is it possible to be competitive next year?

We’ve already got several threads about this. Look at the “spell things out” thread.

And no one knows for sure if the rumors are true or not, originally another boards insiders confirmed the majority of the rumor, then backtracked last night and said it was a misunderstanding that certain BOT members decided to blow smoke on.

As for the turnover, replacing some freshmen and sophomores who didn’t play very much with some pretty decent JUCO’s can’t hurt.

Let’s be clear about one thing.

There is definitely one BOT member who wants him gone, has from about day one, did not want him hired and goes back to NR.

It has nothing to do with his record.

Will he survive? That is something that I can not answer with any certainty at this moment.

But you have to be careful when “everybody” has a source.

And especially when they start backtracking.


thats the truth

No reason to get excited.

If I could, I would answer it, but I can’t.

Or maybe I should say I won’t lose credibility by stating something that I am not absolutely sure of - as has been my journalistic stance forever.

Well stated, sir.

Old school rules of journalism…not any more. :sunglasses:

Which is why I asked all of the guys (insiders) on here last night if there was any validity to the rumors, because I know y’all won’t post or speculate without facts. Some other “insiders” on other boards report smoke as fire, y’all wait until you see the flames

Whether he stays or not, if several players leave it will be a very difficult season to save a job or begin a new one. Lots of chatter about Chaney leaving…of course we lose Dan, that leaves us completely without a big that’s decent, if Mike stays and the team is purged of dead weight, replaced with scorers and a big then Maybe it will work out . But lots of ifs have to go in Mikes favor to make it work next year .

Same BOT member who was so vocal during FB/AD hiring/firing?