Any Trey Knox sightings?

Did he see the field last night? Also, what is Hud Henry’s prognosis?

Knox played some last night on offense and special teams.

Pittman will be asked about Henry tomorrow. It looked to me like he injured his knee on the first drive of the game when Boyd hit him from behind. He played well into the third quarter.

A gutty effort by Henry.

I was wondering about Knox. I have been wondering about him all year. What is going on or not going on with him? Injury? Not up to the SEC? Not getting the system? Not putting in the work? Anybody got any ideas or know something for sure.

definitely played and looked good on special teams, hugged up big with Catalon after game. I don’t know, but have heard that Adonis Otey is still talking a lot with him. Otey flipped from us to Southern Cal on signing day… probably don’t mean squat or maybe Otey wants to come back to us???

Can he be asked about Knox?

I’ll speculate several early season drops by Knox has kept him off the field on offense.

We have asked about Trey and will continue to do so.

The response has been something along the lines he has to get open to get the ball.

Devion has simply taken his place in the pecking order at WR.

As I said earlier, there are several play-making WRs coming in the 2021 class and one already here in OU transfer Jaquayln Crawford

Thanks. I’ve missed that read, somehow. I guess he wasn’t open last year, we just threw into coverage because we didn’t have any other option.

I think it was a mixture of both - he got open some and the QBs fired passes whether he was or not. I can think of at least three times he was chasing after a defender.


Woods 33 catches for 423 and 4 TDs
Burks 29 for 475 - zero TDs
Knox 28 for 385 yards and 3 TDs
Warren 4 for 19

This season:

Burks 31-461, 5 TDs
Woods 21-284, 2 TDs
Warren 13-261, 3 TDs
Knox 4-33

IT sure is nice to see WR’s getting some yards and TD’s

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Argh…catch that ball

Obviously he did last season.

He has the same position coach, who have no doubt would be playing him if all thing were equal.

Treylon isn’t coming off the the field. We need speed, and De’Vion is doing well with his time, so he’s earned the playing time. Woods is clearly doing well and I suspect his position is the one that competes with Knox. Again, Woods has better speed, and isn’t doing anything wrong, since his penalty. We can’t run 4 WR sets due to protection concerns, so there’s just really isn’t an opportunity for Knox unless it’s a possession down or goal line and I believe he has botched those opportunities so far. I do think he should be opposite Burks in goal line and get some corner fades, but then again, if you only have 1 or two opportunities at the goal line, wouldn’t you just rather take your chance with Burks? This appears to be the dilemma.

I checked on him. Too many missed passes or mistakes. He’s working hard in practice to be ready if and when his next chances happen.

I’m really rooting for Trey. He seems like a conscientious guy. Could just be a mental thing. A couple of nice catch and runs might get him going.

This is a situation where you miss your “cupcake” games a bit. Those are good opportunities to build guys’ confidence.

I agree. At the same time, the staff may want to try to get him going, just in case they need him. They could set up some plays for him, but maybe every play is just too important, when you have things working.

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