Any thoughts on the DC?

Curious on what any mods are hearing ? Does anyone have any candidates they would like to see get a look?

I’d like to see the DC at Missouri get a look… after doing some research, that man has a resume that would “fit” at Arkansas….

I don’t know what Pittman will do, but I would not be surprised if any of these were candidates.

• Jim Leonhard is obviously the big free agent on the market. He was a Broyles Award finalist at Wisconsin and has consistently fielded one of the best defenses in the country, albeit against what is generally considered a weak division in the Big Ten. He has no college football experience outside of Wisconsin, where he was also a player before a long NFL career. I would not be surprised if he becomes a candidate for some of the head coaching openings right now, too. He was 4-3 as the Badgers’ interim head coach this year.

• Ryan Walters at Illinois might get a look if Pittman wants to continue with the Barry Odom style of defense. Walters is a protege of Odom’s dating to their time together at Memphis. He was previously Missouri’s defensive coordinator with some good production.

• Glenn Schumann at Georgia seems like a long shot, but he is co-DC there with Will Muschamp, running Kirby Smart’s defense. He and Pittman worked together for four seasons.

• Derrick Ansley fielded some decent defenses at Tennessee while DC under Jeremy Pruitt. He is a secondary coach right now for the Chargers. He and Pittman overlapped at Tennessee during the 2012 season.

• This is kind of a left-field thought, but Georgia defensive line coach Tray Scott is from Crossett and has a great reputation. He has never been a coordinator before. He and Pittman coached together at Georgia.

Something I keep in mind is the position in which these coaches specialize and the hole Arkansas would be trying to fill with Odom’s departure, and potentially others he might take with him to UNLV. Leonhard, Ansley and Walters are secondary coaches, and Schumann coaches linebackers.


Thanks, Matt.

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So Schumann AND Scott. What void then needs to be filled–secondary?

As of right now, the only position without a coach is safeties. Odom coached that group.

I think most coaches are flexible enough to be able to coach multiple positions.

Illinois had a heckuva defense this year (#2 in the country in total yards, #1 in scoring defense, #7 on third down), so I would be very interested in Walters.

Me too

I haven’t done the analysis but I’m guessing teams that run the ball and control the clock generally have better looking defenses on paper in the typical stat categories. If you have the ball less it’s hard to gain a lot of yards and score lots of points in a single game.

I’d like to see some of the higher analytics that take into account the amount of time the same team’s offense is on the field and who is coordinating those defenses.

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Regardless of time of possession or how much your offense controls the ball, you gotta get off the field on third down, and Illinois did that 71% of the time. Also, a good defense contributes to the TOP advantage because you can’t control the ball if the other team has it.

Our defense? 56%. Big difference.

Also, if your offense keeps the ball for 15 plays and kicks a field goal and then the defense gives up a two-play, 75-yard drive, TOP looks very good but you’re behind 7-3.

Good defenses get off the field. But tempo of the two offenses determine a lot of that. Kentucky had a possession advantage over Tennessee that was incredible. But lost a high scoring game.

After our final payout to Bret maybe it is time to take something back. His DC would be a good choice.

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Walters got a raise in midseason to $1.05 million. If money is a consideration, we can top that easily.

Matt, you do an excellent job in your position of sports journalism, i appreciate your work, analysis, & opinions. Thanks, john rosella


I thought a report came out last night that he was staying. Am I wrong?

He said he would stay through the bowl game and then he was out. He will not return to Wisky.

Thank you

Luke Fickel is going to run the defense at Wisconsin.

I’m not interested anybody who runs a 3 man front unless you’re going to put 4 behind them. But if you’re going to put 7 in the box I would prefer 4 man DL because it’s much much tougher to block for the OL.
If you put 5 in the box you’re going to have a very tough time stopping the Run. But this is JMO.


There are reports in the Twitterverse that Tray Scott is the leading contender. Not sure of the credibility of those sources but I’ve seen it in more than one thread tonight.

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I like it although it is a risky hire for sure because he’s never had experience as DC but he’s been around the best in the business and I’m pretty sure he was a sponge in doing so because he doesn’t plan on being the rest of his life.
The thing he can do is recruit what we have been missing here for a long time and that’s great DT.

I would be okay with it because of all the talent in Georgia that he might can bring in here. Hire him some good assistance to help him with the game planning. I believe He’s been around Kirby long enough to kind of know what’s going on in that scheme

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