Any thoughts on pass rush from our Front 4?

From what you saw Saturday, do you think it has improved?

I’m not convinced, but Cincinnati’s Oline has a good reputation.

I think Cincy’s Oline was solid, maybe as good as many in the SEC - they looked pretty good against us. I did not see anything particularly glaring good about our pass rush. I thought our Dline handled the run well.

We also need to look at the number of players that took reps on the D line. Live game action and reps is what it takes to improve and our hogs played a good team. In my opinion the caliber of your opponent helps you identify weakness to where you can correct issues and I’m proud the hogs played a good opening game. A cupcake wouldn’t have helped a bit

Good to hear from you army. Where have you been?

The pass rush won the game. Donineck’s strip sack was the play of the game. There were three sacks and three pressures against a good OL that also held in tight ends to protect. We will see how it goes against an empty backfield against Rattler. South Carolina used a lot of empty backfield sets with five wide in the opener.


I think the defensive line is becoming one of our strengths. Check back after Saturday.

If that’s “a” pass rush won the game, I concur. That was a great, athletic, play. I think the overall pass rush was handled well by Cincy, especially considering that they lost their starting center. I don’t mean disrespect, I think Cincy has a pretty salty OLine, it’s just I didn’t see an overall advantage on our side.

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I miss Ridgeway, no one yet at his level but 99 is doing his damndest to imitate and replicate.

You will not see. Maybe and it is a big maybe, hear.

Rattler got pressured quite a bit against Georgia State. I think he got sacked three times and pressured three or four more. Naturally when you play a team running no-back sets, they are going to try to throw a lot of quick stuff, so pressure(to make him in fact throw quickly) and getting into passing lanes (Rattler is listed at 6 foot 1, so he needs sight lines to throw effectively on short/mid-range stuff).

One of the problems for South Carolina in that game was they did not run the ball very well. Rattler did not take off and run much. I would expect they will try more QB runs against us.

They did throw to their backs some. We need to clean up defending wheel routes, though if SC does not run the ball better it will be harder to get those route open.

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