Any thoughts on Dan Mullen’s analysis last night?

I enjoyed him.

He obviously knows the game, did his homework. As JFB used to stress, he explained so grandma back home could understand.

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I was impressed with Dan. Very insightful and professional.


Thought he did a good job

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I was shocked at how natural he was. You could have convinced me he had been doing it for 20 years.

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He talked way too damn much.

There were plays that were executed, completed, and the NEXT play was at the LOS and Dan was still jabbering.

It is color commentary, not perpetual noise. Too bad - he has some good insights. He can improve that, if he chooses. Might want to coach again, though.


I thought he was pretty good, but a little to talkative. I would love for us to pick his brain on the development of KJ, as I think KJ is very similar to Dak. And he did a pretty good job bringing Dak along.

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Keep him away from KJ. Dak is an interception machine.

I didn’t mind Mullen’s call though.
It could have been Beth Mowins.:face_vomiting:

Beth is play by play. Mullen was analyst.

Noted. Still nails on the blackboard.
How was the Gage visit?

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I thought he was good. Certainly he was prepared. Brought up the killing TO in the A&M game. He could cut it back some for sure, but he knows his stuff and he certainly knows The SEC.

He knows the game, and I thought he seemed polished when he needed to be and appropriately personable. Hes not Keith Jackson, but there are no more KJ’s. I enjoyed the broadcast.

I enjoyed Dan’s commentary. I didn’t start watching the game until well after the 1st quarter started. Was thinking to myself how well versed he is before knowing who it was.

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This was my perception too. He had insightful comments but needed to cut it off at times.

IMO the guy was for KANSAS, or sounded like it. Talked more that I do!!

He must have done a good job then, because in reading their comments, they thought he was very pro Arkansas

Didn’t care for him. Saw his getting a Gatorade bath next to Dak Prescott after their Liberty Bowl win at least 3 times. You can show it once for context as to why you chose him to call this game, but anymore than that detracts from the two teams currently playing.

Was pretty shocked that he didn’t know the rule about being blocked into a punt. Kansas punted to us. Ball was bouncing. The KU player literally picked our player up off the ground and threw him onto the ball. Mullen says that is a live ball and should have gone to KU. Absolutely not. He also talked about a tripping penalty he thought should have been called when one of our defensive linemen was pushed from behind into the feet of their running back. I’ve never seen a tripping penalty called on any defender taking down a ballcarrier. Maybe the letter of the law is tripping, but there are about 10 plays a game that should be called then.

As usual, I muted the TV and listened to Chuck and Quinn, although I did unmute briefly during the review of the non-fumble. I pretty much knew once the zebra on the field threw the flag for targeting, that it wasn’t going to be reversed.

But if an analyst makes both fanbases mad, he probably did a pretty good job.


Overall, he did well. If he wants, he can have a future. Sure, he talked a lot, but he is new at the gig. Give him time and I bet he would settle in.

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I don’t think Mullen had called many, if any games before Wednesday. He is typically part of ESPN’s studio coverage. He knows his stuff and communicates it well, but just needs to be a little more concise. He’ll learn that with more experience.

Being behind the mic at a game is an adrenaline rush. There are a lot of things going on around you, and you are trying to block it all out and focus on the game and communicate your thoughts to the audience in a coherent, concise way. It is not as easy as some people make it look.

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You do a really good job on Fayetteville games. I’ve not listened a lot but admired your calls.