Any thought on Tom Herman

I know this is a stretch but the seat in Austin has to be hot. Wonder if Herman might want to escape? Hy has helped hire him before. Thoughts on him?

i would say no…if he can’t win with all the built in advantages that UT has and able to pick and choose from the recruits in Texas…

I would think that might be a possibility. They definitely have some history together.

“able to pick and choose from the recruits in Texas” That’s not true anymore. There are too many quality programs fighting for those same recruits. A&M being in the SEC has made it more difficult on Texas. Oklahoma gets their fare share. LSU steals some. The other Texas schools like Baylor are also taking recruits, example: Brewer.

He wasn’t impressive at houston either. Why would we want him?

He was 22-4 at Houston w a conference championship, what impresses you?

No thanks!

Herman in 3rd year is almost as bad with program as when he took over.

Big 12 is not very good this year either. An above Mediocre Baylor team is winning when TCU and others are down.

I live in Austin.

Herman won Sugar Bowl last year against uninspired Georgia who just missed playoffs, and he did it with previous coach’s players mostly and declared UT was back.

If a bad Tech team beats them this week they are 6-6.

And as may have been said that we all know is true.

How TX with all of those resources playing in a weak conference is playing basically .500 ball benefitting from cup cakes to even hit that mark - in Herman’s third year.

That’s not what Arkansas needs.

Any thoughts?


I’m glad he’s having a bad season. Hope he has several more in years to come…at Texas.


No way. Can’t make it at Texas. No way he can at AR.

Hope he wins just enough to stay and keep Texas just above 550 or so.

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What impresses me is a coach that is confident but not cocky. What impresses me is one that doesn’t blame everything on the previous coach (Strong actually did a decent job rebuilding Texas.) What impresses me is a consistent coach. Herman in 2016 beat Oklahoma and Louisville but lost 3of 5 away games to navy, smu, and Memphis. This reminds be of Houston Nut. What impresses me is a balanced coach who can recruit, develop and coach. Herman at Texas has three top 25 classes and is 6-5 in his third year. Butch Davis ,Chad Morris, and Herman all are great recruiters but flunk on development and coaching. In summary, We can do a lot better than Herman.

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He cant win with the talent that he has already… Nope for me!

If he can’t win in the Big 12, don’t see him fairing to well in the SECW.
And he took over a TX team with a heck of a lot more talent than we have.