Any talk on the Hill about post season travel plans?

Obviously we have played our way out of the 6-Pack and Citrus but any and all of the rest are possible if we beat Florida. Is there any quiet talk on the Hill of who is looking our way?

The next couple of weeks will go a long way toward determining which team goes where. Every bowl game minus the Citrus is a possibility at this point.

There are so many scenarios that could affect where Arkansas and other teams go. It isn’t a stretch to think the SEC could get three teams into the NY6 bowl games, especially if Auburn were to find a way to upset Alabama. That happened two years ago and allowed a 6-6 Arkansas team to make it to Houston instead of playing in Birmingham or Shreveport.

I would think that based on location, the bowls in Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis and Houston seem most likely if Arkansas were to finish with 6 to 8 wins. Shreveport is the very last pick and didn’t get an SEC team last season. Those bowls need teams whose fans can make the drive fairly easily, otherwise ticket sales will suffer. TV money has helped compensate for some poorly-attended bowls, but the Liberty Bowl people will tell you business is much better when Arkansas or the Mississippi schools are involved in that game. The bowls are still interested in having regional teams and they get a say in who they choose.

There have been a few bowl scouts in the press box, but they were probably looking at some others to be honest. For instance, the Orange Bowl was at the Alabama game. That was in reference to Alabama. I have not seen too many other bowl scouts there. But, in today’s world, bowls are not picking much. They are getting teams assigned to them by conference commissioners. Now a bowl can say no, but that isn’t happening much.

So to sum up - TBA

But most likely:

Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis and Houston