Any talk of another Saturday doubleheader?

Weather forecast for Sunday looks bad - but Saturday appears to be OK until late evening. … S0367:1:US

that’s what I posted earlier this week. 100% chance for Sunday according to weather channel

I’m actually fine with two seven inning games, Really saves pitching arms.

Back to the old Southwest Conference days. 9 on Friday, two 7s on Saturday.

If they play two on Saturday, the games would be nine innings apiece.

This is now official: Saturday doubleheader beginning at noon. Both games will be nine innings. … mississip/

Sounds like another long saturday afternoon of watching baseball, yay!

I just hope we have a good win tonight and come to the park tomorrow ready to grab the bull by the horns. If Murphy and Campbell repeat last weekends performances we will be fine. I’m hoping for a sweep!