Any shot of still making NCAAs?

Or is it just another year we don’t add to our NCAA appearance total?

Not that I expected it in a first year.

But was hard not to think about it a few weeks ago.

Some have suggested got to get to 21.

NIT bid seems likely but still hopeful for NCAA even if way uphill.

It’s highly unlikely the hogs make the dance in my opinion! Win the next 5 games and hope! Winning the SEC tournament with the short bench is almost impossible. My guess is maybe the NIT! That’s not certain either.
The team is beat up and wore out! They seem to play from behind and don’t catch any breaks that are good!

When you can’t finish at the rim or make free throws you won’t win many games and those 2 areas have been an eye sore to me!

At halftime the hogs were about even rebounding against Florida. By the end of the game they were clearly out rebounded. Fatigue got them again!
If the hogs are going to win some more games they will have to get good starts and build some leads!

They are mathematically still in it. If they sweep the next 5 games and make semis of SECT, they can get in. It is doable. We have 3 home games and road games against inconsistent Georgia and not that talented A&M.

I think they cannot have a losing conference record, because unless they beat LSU, we don’t have a Top 50 resume win.

PJ the hogs may be mathematically still alive but there’s no free agent market to go get a few players to help down the stretch. The hogs just don’t get out to good starts and use a lot of energy to make comebacks and then just don’t have enough energy to finish like last night. They didn’t have enough energy to stay in front of anybody!
It would take a miracle for our hogs to win out in conference play. Then the SEC tournament back to back days having a game! What are the odds of the hogs winning on back to back days? Pretty slim!
They have played this season with heart and guts and I’m proud of them! I just don’t expect a miracle.

Nada! Fun while it lasted but team had no room for error and we could afford any major injuries and even then it would have been close. Starting next year we will begin to trend of making it every year for a good long while

Highly unlikely, but ain’t mad about it either. These men over achieved already. As stated wore down & beat down.
If they pull off a miracle and get in, then CEM is SEC Coach of the Year in my book.

Given the teams Arkansas still has to play, I think the only way to get to the NCAAs is to win the conference tournament. And at this point that would require five wins in five days.

Everyone needs to look at what CMN has done with the women! In a short period of time he has them humming.
8-4 conf 20-5 overall
I bad loss non conference to California
I bad conference loss a stinker to Georgia.
With 4 conference game left they are tied for 3rd in the conference and should be able to hold onto a top 4 seed for the SEC tournament.
That’s what CEM is capable of doing with our men! The future is bright!
Follow the women down and the stretch.

I don’t think they get into the NCAA Tournament and I wonder if they are going to win enough to get in the NIT as it has a lot different entry standards now and the Razorbacks are currently in 11th place in the SEC.

Based on their current NET ranking, they should be favored in each of the next five games. They have been close in most games and Isaiah should be coming back. Isaiah maybe at 80% capacity, but still that could be enough boost to take them over the line.

This coming two game home stand will tell us.

So, you are saying the Hogs have to win 25 games to get into the NCAA?? I don’t see that at all.

I believe we are in with 21 wins regardless of whether they are these last 5 SEC games or a combination of the reg and tourney games. I certainly don’t believe we will win all 5 games, but I can’t imagine we’d have to win 25.

I’m saying that I will be surprised if they win many more regular-season games, and I think they might have to win five games in Nashville to make the NCAA Tournament. They are teetering on finishing in the bottom of four of the SEC standings, which would force them to play on Wednesday at the SEC Tournament.

Bingo! They can’t play 2 games a week and play hard for 40 minutes. How could you expect this team to play on back to back days! Won’t happen.

Ok, I thought you meant, even if they won 3-5 of the remaining games, they’d still have to win the SEC tourney.

One of the pieces of selection criterion is that you cannot have a losing conference record that includes all conference games plus SECT games. So, since they are 4-9, if they go 3-2 rest of the regular season, that makes it 7-11. That means they will have to win every game they play in SECT.

Another piece of the puzzle is number of Q1 wins. To date Indiana, Alabama are the only Q1 wins. That is not enough. It is possible Indiana could drop to Q2 and Ole Miss win could become Q1 win. That is not enough Q1 wins. However, if they end up not having a losing conference record, there is a good chance, they can pick up 2 to 3 more Q1 wins along the way and that should get them in,

Nowhere does it say that a losing conference record means you don’t get an at-large.

It might’ve used to be that way but it isn’t any longer.

Correct, it doesn’t say that. And also it doesn’t say anything about how a team is selected. There is no selection manual that I know of that the selection committee uses. No rule book. We all are using past history of what teams were selected and their records to predict, which is what the experts like Lunardi do.

For example, see a tweet from Joe Lunardi below on the subject of conference records.

8-10 shouldn’t be held against a team, especially when it played nearly half its games without its second best player.

No, that shipped has sailed for this season.
Looking forward to better results, but same hard play next year with more quality depth and size in player rotation.

I think if we run the table on the regular season we’d be back in the field. But that is an enormous if, even if Joe can be effective.