Any shot O line dramatically improves next year?

With some new personnel or schemes or scotch tape?

Remember when the four star offensive lineman did a graduate transfer from Texas and never cracked our starting lineup under CBB? I suspect we have several like him who struggled to get on the field under CBB but that might flourish under a simpler, more mobile, less brute strength, oriented offensive scheme.

Gotta find someone who can anchor the middle of the line as a center. Will be interesting to watch this slot as this appears to be less experienced position on the line.

They may look a lot better at times due to scheme changes and experience. We have one known NFL player at guard, and some young guys who have some promise. It will likely be easier to mask some of the problems because this scheme is a lot more about taking what the defense gives and having your skill players beat one guy than what we’ve run the last few years.

Don’t expect the tackles to suddenly start winning one on ones with SEC upper level DEs/DTs on a regular basis. We will likely have to scheme to avoid that quite a bit, which presents some interesting challenges for trying to have a vertical passing game. The QBs are going to get hit quite a bit in this system, too, and some of those hits are going to have little to do with how well the OL protects. If you only have five guys for pass protection and the defense sends four or five, the QB is going to take some punishment.

There is a lot of returning experience on the line and upperclass-laden lines have typically been among the best at Arkansas. The key is how well they can implement the new concepts being taught to them.

Can the line improve dramatically next year? I think so, but the spring will provide insights as to whether that is occurring.

Center is the key spot. I suspect Dylan Hays is next up there but I could see some shuffling in the spring as the new system is put in place.


  1. I really was not impressed with player effort at times last year. Have no idea why that was, but I suspect/hope that effort will improve. That will help tons

  2. we all questioned personnel last year at a variety of positions, including OL, let’s hope the new OL coach meshes well with our players. Maybe a new set of eyes will help some players see the field for PT

  3. Maybe most importantly, I’m counting on our offense being more open and unpredictable. It’s REALLY hard to block 7-8 in the box. certain games it really looked like the D knew the play call and the play count better than we did. Blocking a less crowded box will help tons, and if we can keep the D guessing what play is coming, htat just has to help.

  4. Despite all that, I’ve not seen a tackle that can block SEC elite DE’s on our team in 2 years. 3 years? In a while. Kinda hard to imagine someone appearing who will play like Shawn Andrews or Tretola.

  5. Can’t wait to see our new team this fall!


I suspect the returning linemen will be a good deal lighter than they were last year. That could make a difference in this offense. We will see.

What weight you reckon J Gibson and B Wallace will play at in 2018? It wouldn’t surprise me to see them down around 320lbs.

Two things here, #1. probably can’t get much worse than last year; #2 Probably won’t get much better than last year. I am not optimistic in the OL as I thought that was the group that was the most overmatched last year. I think that there is a limit of what the X and O’s can do, I believe this group will lag and only be improved with recruiting CCM’s guys to play his style. Hard to see our bigs doing a lot of running, they were not recruited to play fast lane FB. Man do I ever hope I am 100% wrong!

This is my concern as well. I am very excited like many of us about the way recruiting is going, but the optimism is maybe too high for this season. The Oline as you state is still not going to be much different based on the talent. The defense is still going to be weak on the Dline outside of Sosa. I am prepared for another bad season but hopeful it is much better.

We will be better than last year as the team will be another year older after being one if not youngest teams last year. We will be better coached and prepared with new schemes on both sides of ball. So will everyone else we play, key will be who handles the injury bug best and who develops depth the best.

yes because they won’t be coached by Kurt Anderson

That center is going to be the biggest spot to fill , I wish they could get zach rogers out of his short retirement for just one more year but I understand when your tired and just want to leave it alone… I think the scheme change will help out alot and the o-line is going have to be in some pretty good shape to get up down that field when he gets in INDY (fast) mode…