Any shot at salvaging NCAA tournament bid?

Any way this program can pull it together and just find enough somewhere to make it?

Can’t keep missing NCAAs like this or going one in six years.

If one had fallen asleep after living from 77 to 2000, and saw so many missed NCAAs since you would wonder if we were given death penalty or something.

Come on hogs.

Make some adjustments somehow and just make NCAA.

Not much chance.

Sometimes we just have to face the cold hard facts. The Razorback basketball team is just not up to the task at hand. The talent level is a little above average but they are not well motivated. The coaching level is a little below average and they are not well motivated. The real question is who has the responsibility to solve the problem. Basically, all fans can do is either continue to support and hope for the best or withdraw support. Unfortunately, I think fans are beginning to withdraw support. When the sports writers turn on the powers that be, as they did with Pelphrey, real change will take place.

Sure there’s a shot - beat Florida and South Carolina, win games at the SEC Tournament, etc. But nothing Arkansas has done this season makes me think it’s going to happen. Unless something drastically changes, the losses to Missouri and Vanderbilt are probably going to be this team’s undoing for the tournament.

At this point in the season the team should be st the top of their game. However, the team looks like they are collapsing. There will be more losses. An NIT bid could be in jeopardy. Sorry for CMA but he bears the responsibility. :frowning:

our current RPI is 50.
Needs to be in the 34 or above range to make it as an “at-large”.

Exactly the way I see it! Back to the all to often doldrums of MA’s February basketball, no improvement while everyone else in conference gets better and peaks! We have all seen this before! Its where fundamentals basketball pays off as the year goes! Love watching Tenn., they will always be in a cold shooting game by fundamentals of Eddie Suttons 3 Ds! Defense, Dedication to box out rebounds at both ends, and the declipine to take high percentage shots with rebounders in position! Our guys seldom ever doing any of it, and other teams coaches making players play that way and get better doing it makes for great February finishes!!!