Any rumors?

Mercy Wizard you missed the whole point. Went rightover your hear as a lot of things do… Just forget it Mr have all the answers man…

I’m close to that. Bought tickets and went to games. 42 years. Lets see I have not been out of the house ,no shower, or unable to for 10 days. Back to a walker. 6 months older that Clay. If I was a horse I would shoot myself to stop the pain. YOU WIN!! you have all the answers.

I interpreted (the post I responded to) to say that chad HAD to sign KB or it meant (to you) that Petrino was a better coach, because he “HAD” to get Joe Adams, and he did. If that’s NOT what you meant, maybe you need to review your command of the written word and actually write what you mean. As it stands, what you wrote would probably earn a failing grade from a 3rd grade English teacher - so forgive me if I couldn’t understand your intended message.