Any rumors?

I’m trying to stay calm, but any new information on Kelly Bryant?

DD have we added with what we have to give us a chance.

WHEN is CCM birthday? What has me baffled is KB changed his announcement day and he has NO IDEA its Chad’s birthday?? BTW when is signing day?

Lets have one more insiders discussion on the realistic chance KB comes here and just how good is he? Can he help win 2 more games?

Border line bowl game?

WHERE does the ranking of the class rank? ANY names that are on the line that we can talk about? 2 secret pledges. I thought there was 2 guy on the fence that could make us top8 Class. AND That is not the “Secret” 2… Could we make a top 6-8 ranking?

BTW what are are the rankings now, as if we needed more. DD, Richard, Clay, Insiders which one is probably the best? RANK them.

National pundits?

Richard where do you stand?

DD what do u say?




Any more insiders willing to share?? SO KB is just a very good RPO guy. Able to pass and run out of trouble. IF WE improve the line KB should be able to get out of harms way???

I’m certainly not an insider but everything I read indicates he will not be a Hog. If I were a gambler I would bet on Auburn. Boo Auburn.

Top 24/7 national recruiting guy says he’s a Missouri lean with Auburn still a strong contender. He’s discounting Arkansas’ chances.

read where he had a great visit at AU and felt like he had the knew the guys a long time and knew they were hungry to get to playing at a high level,said he had no favorites and everybody was still in it said he will announce sometime Tues from his bed. I can see Auburn but for the life of me I can’t see Mizzou. crazy!

Why can’t you see Mizzou?

Beat us like a drum and 4-1 against us since joining the league.

Been to two title games in recent years.

QB will be a 1st rounder.

As much as I hate it they are a good, solid program

We’re just a bunch of losers. Took me till I’m 65 years old to give up hope. IF Chad can’t get him BP is just such a better coach. BP to get Joe Adams and he did it. bad he was a bad , sorry man. KB Chad Morris his most important recruit and should have the lead. SORRY>. I"M Just using Bobby as a guy u needed.
60 years of wasted energy.

Mizzou has had some success I just don’t see anything special about them at all…they will never win the east again now that Ga has Kirby and Mullen will get Fla back. I have heard their facilities are horrendous .I Just don’t like them plain and simple.

I can so relate to this post

Barely hanging on - I’m not an Alluni so I don’t have any attachment to UofA

But the Razorbacks once represented ALL of Arkansas

Now it looks like it’s becoming another mid level college program with a small regional base

That’s not why I followed them

I loved the Razorbacks because they were ambassadors of what is best about Arkansas and her people

There just isn’t any “best” in them anymore

Can you tell I’m frustrated, disappointed and getting Jaded?

This last season was a failure to meet even low expectations

Can Arkansas recover and become revelant again in the College Football Landscape ?

I think Mizzou is a good mid level program but has no Historical Branding - it’s not a program that means anything yet

Arkansas once was a program that had branding and playing Arkansas ment somthing - sadly the cache of Arkansas Brand name has been squandered

It’s sad we are nothing of any consequence in College football

It’s now a process of starting over - the JFB legacy has been squandered - we may indeed deserve being paired with Mizzou in a non consequential football hinterland pairing

Arkansas has a wide river to cross per Mr Miller (pun intended - my apologies to Mr Buddy Miller)

Missouri is an enigma to me. If you look at recruiting stats, they don’t recruit all that well, never have. Yet, they tend to field pretty good teams.

To me that means good coaching…

The recruiting of KB and Joe Adams are NOT the same at all.

In the case of KB, you have a highly talented player who showed it on the field at the highest level for a couple of years already. He has ONE season left, and it’s all about winning big in a system he already feels comfortable in, and positioning himself for the NFL Draft. And he grew up in S, Carolina. No ties at all to Arkansas other than his former relationship with our Head Coach.

With Adams, you have a HS kid who had his full career ahead of him, and was born and raised in Arkansas. Had we not had Nutt as our HC, he probably would have committed to Arkansas earlier; but Nutt wanted him as a DB, not WR. When Petrino and his passing offense came in, offered Adams as a WR, it was an easy conversion.

Not fair to compare and judge CCM on these two recruits.

As bad as we need good play and leadership from the Quarterback position, I am not ready to surrender or lose hope if Bryant takes another path. Also not giving up on the Hogs this year, next year, or any year. Yes, recent fortunes have been discouraging, but I believe my obligation is to remain positive and refrain from the doom and gloom mentality and to leave the previous coaching histories where they belong, in the past, since good or bad the future will be determined by others. Hopefully giving the staff full support and current and future players both a vision of success and strong and solid fan base will help expedite the resumption of Razorback football as a program to admire. Where we are is where are, regardless of whose fault, so hopefully the energy will be directed on where we want to be.

I know this is both preachy and Pollyannish, so I apologize for the preachiness, not so much for the Pollyana. Seems, years ago I heard someone say “Root Hog or die”. Still works for me.

I’ll just hold out hope that KB’s relationship with CCM & the great atmosphere in Fayetteville that hopefully the GF loved will be determining factors in his decision.

Auburn would have to be the other likely choice for obvious surrounding talent & exposure. Plus Gus’s pitch that he is the originator of the offense CCM runs.

He’s gonna announce his decision from his bed? Who is he…John Lennon?

Only reason other than CCM relationship is it’s much easier to show influence and leadership bringing a team from 2-10 to 6-6 or 7-5 instead of already walking into a 7 or 9 win team. and for FWIW Dec 4th is his Mom’s birthday.


Mizzou reminds me of Oklahoma State - nothing special on the recruiting trail but they always find special talent and/or do a great job of coaching them up into elite level players.

You know that’s What Arkansas once was too

I’m going to choke on my proverbial tobacco saying this

That’s who we were in the HDN era

But that’s before the current expansion and Nick Saban

Pinkel was a good coach, but MU has never been a particularly great program. The fact that they’ve beaten us since joining the SEC doesn’t mean much. Two of those years we should have won. They were not good either year. This year they’re a pretty good team, but not great. Certainly they’re above us in the pecking order, but unfortunately, that’s not saying much.

They always have a pretty good QB and than can cover over many deficiencies