Any rumors out there?

Anybody’s agent contacting us?

Are we silently reaching to agents?

Gruden sighting?

Or no need for rumors as coach B remains no matter what.

All of this unknown is tough and I assume it is part of the process as things play out.

Unfortunately they are going to float the injury excuse, I can see the writing on the wall. Long will do whatever to save this coach, and many of the fans give Bret a pass because they think he’s a great guy. It will be the poor pitiful CBB show, had a tough season because of injuries. Even though the team was absolutely terrible from the start, and t was easy to see. We are 2-5, we would be 2-5 if every player was healthy also, because we just lost our first OL, and that has been the main issue. We’ve lost one defender, and Kam curl has stepped in and played fantastic, but the rest of the Defense is still absolutely awful. Injuries or not, this was a bad team with no depth, and no competent coaching on the sidelines.

I didn’t notice Ragnow get hurt the other night, but now he’s out for the season. Really hate that, he’s a great kid.

You may be right.

And totally agree about Ragnow being a great kid.

He’s been through a lot.

They’re gonna be fired and they deserve to be fired primarily due to the sorry state of the OL and DL.

But, there’s no doubt injuries have played a part in the death spiral.

If you don’t think losing 4 All-Sec caliber players, 3 early or before the season, (RW3, Pulley, Allen and Ragnow) impacted them, you’re just seeing what you want to see and being a hater.

I don’t think they will or should be retained but calling the loss of pretty much all of their best players an “excuse” is stupid.

I’m not calling it an excuse, I’m saying it will be used as one.

Allen was hurt because of the OL being abismal, and he certainly was not having an All SEC year. The injuries suck, don’t get me wrong now, but we got absolutely an handled by a SC team who was missing 3 starting OL and the best WR in the SEC. it’s all about how you adjust to injuries, and the depth behind them.
Injuries hurt, but they are certainly not the reason our coaches don’t know how to coach, or that we are 2-5.

And I’m saying that it being referenced by them isn’t wrong and isn’t an excuse. It’s a reason. And it’s a valid reason.

Is it THE reason they’re awful? No. There are a ton of reasons and all those reasons/excuses fall on the staff add up to this team being awful.

The biggest reason they will be fired is the OL is bad and it has pretty much destroyed any chance of them having any sustained success offensively.

Allen hasn’t looked good at all. Did he suddenly forget how to play? No. He has been battered and playing scared and gun shy.

Rawleigh was a great RB. Not good. Great. People minimize him because he wasn’t flashy. But he put up huge numbers behind a very average OL.

Pulley was All SEC caliber last year and would have been this year.

Ragnow is one of the best OL we have ever had.

I haven’t even mentioned Cornelius, who has been a very productive SEC WR.

Collectively, those guys would have made a difference. How much difference is debatable and we will never know.

But it’s not crazy to think that with them we could be 4-3. We lost 2 games that swung on cheap PIs and an inability to put together a key drive when it mattered.

No one would be throwing a parade for that but We would certainly feel different.

None of this is to suggest the staff should be retained. They have to go. But, refusing to admit that those injuries have been a part of the equation is silly.

And with those players they still would have 10 wins in 5 years in conference play. You can’t ignore 10 - 26…If Long brings him back both of their jobs will be on the line next year.

We’ll have to agree to disagree.

I think the injuries are impactful, but I do not think they are the difference in wins and losses. Cornelius was a consistent WR but had injury problems dating back to last year, and was not a game breaker by any means. Pulley was a big loss certainly, but Kam has filled in nicely and Kam wouldn’t have gotten this much playing time if not for it.

Frank just got hurt, so it’s hard to say his injury is the reason we are 2-5. As you mentioned and I did also, AA just hasn’t been good at all.

I think the injuries suck, but do not account for any other wins. I think even with them this would still be a bad team, that is consistently ill prepared to play, especially in the second half.

You also point to criticical PI calls, forgetting A&M had a TD called back. If 1 call causes you to lose a game, it’s because you got out coached, a game should never come down to 1 play imo. I certainly don’t think it was the reason we lost either.

We definitely agree that this staff needs to be kicked to the curb though. Let’s hope for better days, starting with a moving van outside Brets house.

Games are always lost on 1 play or another
TAM kick return??

To discount the value of the inured players is weak as hell

I bet if this was a team u liked the coach u would be pulling this card and screaming from the roof top

Show me one team that can lose 4-5 SEC all conf players and it not effect the won loss recoRd.
Hell even Ala can’t do that with all their talent
And what we replaced them with was to young players good but young

U say he would not have played as much. So pulley playing over a true freshman is not a huge advantage for us??
That’s just looney tune talking there Bugs

You should stay on the board. U fit right in with the chicken little crowd CBB may be gone but the next coach will get the same from u guys who think we should be in the playoffs every year.
We are a middle pack school in the SEC no matter what u think
We can compete for the league but our history says it will NOT be every year

Well we did not lose 4-5 all sec players, so not sure where you are going. We lost an all sec player in Ragnow, and RW3. But that wasn’t a given.

Pulley potentially could’ve been one, but who knows? I doubt it, LSU, Bama, and Georgia DBs eat up most of those spots. AA sure wasn’t getting it, Cornelius not either,

The kick return did not lose the game for us.

Once again, do you not recall the td being called back that would’ve kept TAMU from having to beat us in Ot?

You can do this all day, nit pick plays. Ultimately, you shouldn’t be in a position that 1 play costs you a game. That’s bad coaching that gets you there.

A coach I would like wouldn’t be looking at a 3-9 season in year 5. I like coaches that win, I couldn’t care less what their name is, as long as they win. Bret can’t do that, and trust me… it’s a whole lot easier for me to argue my stance than it is a CBB defender to argue theirs.


0-17 down at half

Doesn’t get much worse than that.

Don nobody says we should be in the playoffs every year, but by God we should not have an SEC winning percentage in the twenties! This coach has the worst P5 league winning percentage in the country since 2013!!! Both Nutt and Petrino had winning percentages in the SEC above 50%

That’s what I’m expecting. We will never be a consistent upper echelon SEC team, but we should be a solid, competitive middle of the pack program that has a chance every 4-5 yrs to win the division.

Right now we are in the basement.

Oh man.

Let me first start by correcting you.
We used to be a middle of the pack school in the SEC, Bret has seen to it that we are the worst school in the SEC. yes, the worst.

Next, I don’t think we should be in the playoffs every year. But I do expect us to atleast compete for the west every 5 years, to field a competitive team, to hold our coaches accountable for their jobs, to make steady progression with the team, to not be worse in year 5 than year 1, to have a decent OL, to have a decent DL, to be able to have a fighting chance in games against Auburn, Bama, LSU, to NEVER lose 5 straight to TAMU, to win a dang P5 game at some point, and to be competitive in the second half.

Something we do not have.

Something our history says, we should have.

So, maybe you’re in the chicken little crowd of complete misunderstanding of what we should actually expect?

When I mentioned those players I think I categorized them as All Sec caliber. If you doubt that RW3, Pulley, Allen and Ragnow are or were capable of being on one of the All Sec teams then it is pointless to even debate this because you’re just seeing what you want to see.

Pulley was poised to be one of our best players. He was very good last year.

I’m not saying and have not said we would have won more games with those players. And, I’ve repeatedly said it is not an excuse and Bielema has to go.

What I have said is that it has undoubtedly made an impact and may have made a difference in some games.

I’m not sure how that is disputable. The TAMU and TCU losses included some huge penalties that may have not happened if we had Pulley (that’s not a slight on Curl. I love him).

We could have salted away A&M with 1 more play on offense or defense. We might have won against TCU with a bit better offense and defense (there was a big PI).

These aren’t excuses. I’m not making a case for the HC of keeping him.

I’m just talking about what happened and the reality of being a bad team that then loses its best players.

Being a bad team across the board is misery. Having a bad team across the board and losing your best players is even worse.

That’s all I’m saying. The injuries aren’t an excuse. He had to go. But, they had and will have an impact. I’m not sure how or why that’s in dispute.

I agree with all of that.

I think I’m being misunderstood. I understand the talent level of these guys and their potential.

I also think it’s entirely false to say we lost 4-5 all SEC players, as I felt t was being said by don wells.

We lost 2 for sure all sec guys, the rest were possibilities. It doesn’t matter either way it’s just a title. I was just pointing out that AA was not going to be all sec, Pulley has the talent, but due to being on a bad team probably wouldn’t have either, he should’ve been last year and wasn’t. Cornelius isn’t an all sec player, he’s just a quality slot guy who’s had trouble the past two seasons staying healthy.

I understand their absence is big time, but I also don’t think this team would be any better in the Wins and loss categories had they been healthy. Would the team be better? Sure, it would definitely be better, but I still think we’d be 2-5.

I keep seeing the TAMU penalty brought up, and I keep bringing up we can whine about that all day long, but they literally had a TD called back because a ref blew the whistle inadvertently… that’s a call to whine about.

I wish these guys could’ve been around to help maybe they would’ve helped us get another win, who knows. I personally don’t thinks so, but that’s just me.

I agree completely on all details.

I said 5-7 preseason because if you looked, most of the “skill” guys left last year. It takes games to get experience. A whole year will give some of the young guys (like Curl) experience. Now, AA getting hurt, may have helped us in the long run with Kelley. He is seeing what he is doing wrong, and now knows what to work on. Go back to the TCU game and watch. The WR’s and TE’s were having issues getting open. Go back and watch AUB, they’re getting open when they’re supposed to, Kelley was waiting to see them open, instead of trusting them to get open. Because of that he is throwing the ball late. They are getting better. He will get better, that’s why I have an inflated view for next year. Those WR’s, TE’s, and Hayden have all gained experience. Kelley has gained experience. Plus Cornelius returns. He will help. On the defensive side, Gooden is supposed to be better than Bijhon. Pulley returns, both him and Curl have me excited. Ramirez has another year, then we have several guys that have played this year that can take the other safety role (and don’t forget about Brown)

Our schedule is weaker next year, regardless of what people say. If Bret stays (and PIG you know I’m not a Bret fan), our team will be significantly improved. If we start over, especially with a spread type coach like many want, we don’t have those guys, we will have another crappy year. Now, if Long does keep Bret for next year and we have another bad year (and I expect to start next year 3-3, then get on a roll), he should get the axe. I just think he has one more year, not sure a change in the entire staff would benefit us this year. If he’s fired, I think we waste a weak competition year.

Baked is bringing some seriously good points.


I agree with you on where we should be but you simply cannot lose the type of players and expect to be as good and i know you realize that.
I don’t care if he stays or goes but i was pretty sure we would not be very good this year just with what we lost due to graduation much less injuries

What i cant stand is for posters to minimize those losses and say we would not been better.
That is plain dumb

Would we have beat Ala and auburn? No

The changing of the def is slow but i think in the long run better, still a lot of learning there’

So looking at the players they lost for injuries and players graduations , we lost 63% of the rushing, 89% of receiving.

That is a huge loss!

TAM while you think as the old southwest team is way way more talented than we are and has been since they joined the SEC

The players we lost WERE SEC all conf players. where they 1st team, nope.
heck AA was listed as a possible 1st team by some, Ragnow was a AA center, Williams was a possible AA.
Your argument is pretty weak

As HOG said they will be fired for OL more than anything else