Any room/want for Les Miles on staff?

Thought I read once where AD was close to him.

Perhaps helpful in recruiting and some stature?

Crazy thought I know.

If he wanted to be here they wld make room. His ties to LA and his name would be huge.

But, I can’t imagine he would want to come here to be an assistant.

He was pretty close to landing the MN job.

i heard a rumor from someone at my work ( SW FLORIDA) that miles was talking with arkansas… i have tried to veryify ANY rumors of this and cannot.
… i was being messed with

however. for a period of time i was thinking jeff long was talking with miles… my own personal natural response to this was favorable. i assumed it was as DC and that eh would help w recruiting etc

this isnt even a rumor… just some idiot at my workplace messing with me

so… i guess i would like it if he was on our staff

Wanted to hire him last time which blew my mind. Can you imagine Les coaching with our recruiting base?


I said this on another board, but I’ll say it here too.

A few weeks ago CBB mentioned possibly bringing in another assistant. The way he spoke about made me think, maybe a current HC somewhere. Then Jen announced she was pregnant. Made me think that it was a current (at that time) HC, and he was gonna take over for Bret while the baby is born up until about that two month adjustment period. I think July is the due date. So, if Bret is helping Jen for the first few months (which coincides with fall practice), it makes sense for an available HC. My first thought was Charlie Partridge (he was still at FAU when Bret said it, but the writing was on the wall). Then I remembered during the LSU week, Bret had said some comments about Les that made me think hmmm. I could see the Mad Hatter being possible, but I think his name is too high profile and there are still HC openings.

Miles’ background - believe it or not - is on offense, mostly as a line coach.


Hire Willy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t be worse than what we have now

I heard Jen’s gonna have a couple of baby showers in January so Willy Robinson is going to take over for CBB for the run-up to National Signing Day so the HC we pay $4 million/yr can be there to take notes for the Thank You cards.