Any reason to put up football targets

I know new coach will have his own preferences and may or may not respect what has already been recruited, but just some info on kids would be great lise if some former big gets are just waiting to see who we hire. A few of those actually could pick their destination and whomever steps in would love to hsave them back if they are willing to still have us.

Darrin Turner is as good a WR has come out of TN in a while, yes, better than Knox for HS achievment.

Possible JC targets? probable quick fix targets for new head Hog? portal potentials?

I hope the new HC listens to Lunney’s opinion. By the time the new HC gets on campus he will be behind. The 20 recruiting class could end up in a wash out that is just my opinion. Let’s hope
he can bring some of his own recruits in and keep the ones committed.

The new guy will look at the committed kids and the old commits along with other guys Arkansas has recruited. Most of the former commitments are willing to talk to the new coach but several are hoping to see Lunney, Traylor, Stepp or Smith retained.

The new guy will also likely start recruiting guys from at his old school. New assistants will also bring their contacts into play.