Any Razorback Historians Out There?

Just curious if anyone knows how many times Arkansas has played against Top 10 teams and how many times Arkansas has actually won against them. I know its happened a few times but not many.

The reason I ask is because I’ve been involved in a discussion on how we will do and someone keeps saying we will go 5-5. That makes me almost spit my kool-aid every time.

6 of the teams we play are currently top 10, then Tennessee comes in at 16, MSU at 33, OLE MISS at 36 and only Missouri is without ranking votes.

So I think Arkansas history against top 10 teams would seem kinda germain to that discussion. Granted each year is different and so is each team, but I think Arkansas will be damn lucky is we can get 3 wins. I’ll wish for 10-0, hope for 5-5, keep my fingers crossed for 3-7, but actually only think we get two wins. I really hope I have to eat a big plate of crow, but I really doubt it.

Would appreciate it if any one knows our record vs Top10 teams.

I can do some research, but it’s clear that 2020 will be like no other season in history. Games are being cancelled and postponed left and right. Teams might play but be down many key players due to quarantine that week. So what has happened in the past has no relation to what will happen starting tomorrow for us.

Actually, what has happened 50 or 20 or 5 years ago doesn’t matter whether there’s a pandemic or not. What is it stockbrokers say, prior performance does not guarantee future results? Ten years ago Clemson was a mediocre program. Now they are dominant. Ten years from now they may be mediocre again.

Looking through Arkansas’ football page on Sports Reference, I came up with a 9-44 record against top 10 teams since 2000. And since 1950, Arkansas is 29-98-1.

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National powerhouse.

So you are saying we have a chance?


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