Any Razorback Club reports?

Anyone seen CCM at any of club meetings?

What did he say? What did you think?

I was at the Petit Jean Razorback Club meeting last night. CCM pretty much said why he’s been saying all along. What he is about, what they are going to do, etc. He told a couple funny stories. I wasn’t that impressed with the speech to be honest. However, I am very impressed with what he actually does that backs up his speech. The social media part of how he and his coaches interacts is impressive. If he works as hard coaching, which I believe he will, as he does recruiting, the wins will come. He’s a mixture of Coach Nutt and Beliema in my opinion as far as speaking to a group of people that are not recruits or coaches. Kind of excited, but laid back at the same time. If that makes any sense. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Maybe because we all had a mouthful of Petit Jean Sausages.

Thanks for report

Texarkna got canceled tonight, reschedule is April 17th. I’m glad because I’m sure we will get tidbits from spring practice now because of it. Plus it’s post spring gameZ