Any questions?

Guys, I’m going to do a baseball podcast once a week this year that will focus on the previous weekend and the week ahead. I’ll also have a guest each week to talk about the team or maybe just the game in general.

Do any of you have any preseason questions about the team you would like to me to address? If you do, please post them here and I’ll try to incorporate them into the podcast, as well as give some thoughts in this thread. Thanks!

This is a great idea.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts about how the infield will play out this year. It sounds like Martin has SS locked down, and Ezell maybe at 2B when he’s healthy, but just from a fielding standpoint, what do you think the best options are at each position? Is the infield better with Opitz at 1B and Plunkett at C, or is Goodheart the guy at first? Any insight on Jordan McFarland this year?

This has a big impact on the DH spot too so I guess that has to factor into the decision as well. Seems like a lot of moving pieces at this point. Should make for some exciting early games.

I would like to know do you think there will be enough offense this year. How good a hitter is Franklin? Do you expect us to bunt more to get people in scoring position? Dvh said he wanted the big three spread out through the order how do you see this batting order shaping up.?

Franklin is so-so at the plate. Better defender and base runner than hitter. I have heard Van Horn say that three times in two weeks now.

I got this feeling that Casey Martin will bat lead-off. That’s a thing now with baseball coaches, get your best hitter first and get him as many plate appearances as possible.

Matt will handle all of those questions. I look forward to helping him with the podcast from time to time.

Clay, with Bo’s show gone at the end of the month, you’re going to have to find a new outlet for the good, the bad and the ugly.

There are some positions that appear to be pretty locked in - DF, HK, CM, and probably TE when he’s healthy, while there are some questions to be answered elsewhere defensively and the same is true for pitching we have an ‘idea’ of who the contributors will be - but still a lot of speculation.

It would be interesting to focus less on who ‘should’ be producing and get a week-to-week glimpse of actual individual performance leaders - defense, offense, and pitching…I recall a league that used to have HOGs, POGs, and DOGs - Hitter of the Game, Pitcher of the Game, Defender of the Game - based purely on the data…has to be quantitative/objective rather than qualitative/subjective or it’s pointless - could modify it to ‘of the week’ as a highlight?

Also will be interesting to see how much performance impacts the lineup, we had a lot of returners last year and saw changes at 1B and on the mound, but other than that the roster didn’t change much from day 1 just a little tweaking on the batting order, it appears things are a bit more ‘fluid’ this year, be interesting to see how well we adapt/adjust to good/poor performance.

Looking forward to the weekly update!

I have a feeling I’ll be doing a good bad and ugly on Bo’s podcast.

Here is this week’s podcast. Ryan Folkes, who does a great job providing updates from practice on his Twitter page, joins me for the final 25 minutes or so. I thought he did a nice job providing insight. … mond-hogs/