Any pushback?


Is their any pushback from anybody on the starting time of Monday’s game?

The UA, fans or anyone? A 9 PM start for any game should not be acceptable. Most especially considering it’s a school night. This is just not right.

It doesn’t affect me at Hawaii, But It does affect the players, students, instructors and fans living EST and CST.


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It’s ridiculous! The games should be flipped. I’m sure Oregon State fans agree as their game is at 5pm.

I’m in Eastern time but it’s really perfect for me since I have a Monday night Bible study that’s over at 8:30 pm.

Plan to nap tomorrow to be game ready

We’re in the EE8 and we’re complaining about the time, it could be at 2am and I’d be fired up and ready…been way to long :boar::boar::boar::boar:


As I recall, that’s about the time our game started on 4/4/94.

I am happy about the late game. I think the more time to let our kids get their legs back after a cery hard game yesterday, the better. Let’s them sleep in.


I am tickled about the game and could care less about the time. Start at midnight if you wish. We are in the Elite 8. who cares when it is played.

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Once again, the time doesn’t affect me living at Hawaii. I am thinking about the players, all of the students (K-college) and fans. IMHO, CBS/NCAA could have managed the schedule better so there is not a 9 PM CST tip off on a school night. Sorry to have upset anyone.


I don’t know about your kids, but mine when they were college age weren’t going to bed at 10-10:30. The baseball team has had to play lots of times in this time range being in tournaments, often in the middle of the week. They played Missouri St a few years back in an extra inning rain delayed game that finished in the 2-3a.m. range. That was on a Sunday night.

It especially affects fans living in the East who are 70 years old. But I’ll drink a lot of coffee, get that Adrenalin pumping, grin and Bear it, and be up for the game (literally). But I’m setting my DVR to “record” just in case.

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Take a nap beforehand. That’s what this 60-year-old in the Eastern time zone is doing.

Who’s gonna push back? You play when the NCAA tells you, and the NCAA tells you what CBS/TBS tell them. This year, there’s the added complication of (a) both EE games being in the same building, although not on the same court, and (b) they have to keep the games spaced out to allow them to get fans from the first game out before fans for our game come in. The UH-Molester game will end probably around 8:30 Central. I would suspect OSU is not real pumped that its game starts at 4:15 Pacific time, before many of its fans get off work. But TV pays billions of dollars to call the shots and they’re calling this one. Clearly they want Nantz, Hill and Raftery calling Arkansas-Baylor, and they got it.

I don’t like the start time for myself but for the team it could go either way.

When coaching my summer teams I hated waiting all day to play. Gave me lots of anxiety and too much time to think of bad things. My kids on the other hand could care less most of the time.

With the Hogs I think it gives Muss and crew longer time to prepare. More time to watch film and try to find the weak spots of Baylor’s team.

Hopefully the long wait doesn’t give our young men anxiety. We have lots of young guys and this will be the best team we have played all year. I’m getting anxiety just typing this…lol

I don’t think it bothers anyone at UA. It’s a game that would be watched if it started at midnight. Students will miss a few hours of Fortnight.


That’s funny Clay. My grandsons love Arkansas but missing Fortnight could be a problem. :joy:

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I’ll drink a lot of coffee and be pumped for the game. And take a nap beforehand. Or fall asleep after dinner and wake up when the game starts, planned or unplanned. Luckily, the 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM Monday (and Wednesday and Friday) basketball game I used to play won’t happen, as the gym has been closed for a year. If I played that, no way I’d be awake at game time. But hopefully they’ll open the gym soon. I’m ready, with 2 Moderna shots and a newly purchased Razorback red Under Armour sports face mask. And the red basketball shoes I got really cheap after Zion was wearing the same model and they exploded (work fine for me, apparently not jumping and hardly running puts a lot less stress on them).

Btw, funny story about my playing basketball. I read a great book about Pete Maravich. I told a guy I play ball with about the book since he is from
Baton Rouge. Told him I went to Tulane the same time Pistol Pete went to LSU. And he said “And guess who else went to LSU when you went to Tulane? Both of my parents.” And sometimes I guard the guy (even before Covid socially distanced :joy:).

IN 1994, when I was 55 I could hang in there, no matter the time. 27 years later, at 82, I have a tough time staying awake past 8 p.m. Maybe tonight, I’ll go to sleep in the recliner by about 7 and get the wife to wake me at 9. It’s been a long time since I worked the concession stands at Barnhill and we only had permanent seats on one side of the court. The other part of the arena had a dirt floor and was the inside practice facility for football.

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Prime time for the world to witness our Final Four run… Every non-Baylor fan will be pulling for us and we feed off the crowd.

I am in the Eastern time zone also and have a lot going on early Tuesday morning, so I am expecting a delayed start and this game to go to at least 3 Overtimes…

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If we were the night’s first game, nobody would be complaining.

I certainly understand the inconvenience of tonight’s time. I have many teacher friends who know it will be an early morning tomorrow. (I retired from teaching in December, so most any time works for me now. :slightly_smiling_face:)

It seems that I read somewhere that this new schedule for the tournament (Sweet 16 on the weekend, Elite Eight on Monday/Tuesday evenings) might get some consideration to become permanent. Networks tend to get higher ratings on weeknights than the weekend, it said.

Either way, it’s a nice problem to have. I hope we get to deal with it again next year, whenever it is.

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