Any Practice updates from today

I would be nice ti hear some news

Great news, would be nice if we could get a great game out of KJ

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Amen, it’s imperative that he runs & throws just enough to keep their defense honest and stay healthy, if he can do that much we have a very good chance for a win. WPS

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Sam Pittman just said on the SEC coaches teleconference that Warren Thompson has quit the team.

When it rains it pours! WPS

Which I had suspected when his name disappeared from the roster.

Earlier in the season I would have sweated the loss of Thompson. With the emergence of Landers, Jackson and Stephens, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. We may even get a better look at Sategna.

Any look at all would be nice. Need his speed

Yeah I was hoping when we signed him with his incredible speed and ball skills that he would have a role in this offense this year but he hasnt so far. The only time he touched it he went around the corner pretty quickly. He’s a tiny guy but hopefully at some point we will let him display that speed that he has.

He’s had a bad ankle from what I’ve heard. I think he’s back now. But lost a lot of practice reps.

So put him in and let him go long!

Yeah I heard he had trouble with an ankle. I just hope we find a way to get him involved next year. We don’t get too many guys commit who lead the nation in receiving yards and was the fastest guy at the US army combine. We have to find a way to use that kind of talent.