Any plans for a football watch party in Maui?

It seems like I remember a watch party being discussed; however, I don’t think any firm plans were mentioned. We’d love to watch the game with other Hog fans if a meeting place has been decided on.

We mentioned it. I figure folks traveling with the Foundation will not rent cars; thus, there needs to be a sports bar in the Lahaina area so they can get there with little trouble. Mrbeeswax hasn’t arrived yet. I thought he would choose a good place. Gas will be here. Rice too. I’m in Kihei. Coloradohog will be here too.

Don’t get there till Sunday. On Kauai now. A few showers around. How about over there?

Does the team get there today?

We are in Wailea. A guest at our hotel told me there was quite a lightning show on Haleakala in the wee hours. One of the radio announcers said the lightning over Kahului Bay was the worst he had ever seen. Scattered showers are forecast for the weekend with winds increasing. We went up Haleakala this morning and ran into a few sprinkles. I think I read that the Hogs were due to arrive today.

Go Hogs!

Arrived on Maui late last night … played Kapalua today (very windy!) … gorged on fresh caught big eye sashimi a couple hours ago … all is well in the islands :wink:

If there is enough interest, MrsBsWax and I will get a table together to watch the Ole Miss game … respond to this post if you’re on Maui and interested (we have a couple of sports watching spots identified in both Lahaina or Kihei depending on preferences)


We would enjoy getting together to watch the Arkansas game. We are in Wailea and could go to Kihei or Lahaina.

I played Kapula Bay course today as well, with a 9:10 tee time! Zoom in close enough you can see the red hog on my cap.

Look for a Waikiki Brewing sports bar near you and we’ll come up there.

There is one in Lahaina on Front Street … we’ll give it a try … not sure how many screens they have


Don’t worry about saving us a seat. I think we’re going to watch the game at the hotel.