Any other staff changes on offense?

Has anyone heard anything about Enos bringing in his own assistant coaches or Briles taking some with him? Since I haven’t heard anything I’m assuming there is no talk about that yet, but just wondering.

I think we wait. If tcu “loses” their wide receiver coach look to see what guitton does. As to the other three coaches, their original tie to briles is coach Pittman.

TCU has two wide receiver coaches. One for inside receivers, one for outside.

I bet Guiton is about to get a nice raise. His WRs go better as the year went on and he completely restocked on the recruiting trail.

Thanks for the responses. Yeah, waiting makes sense, but my curiosity gets the best of me. I did kind of figure Smith and Kennedy are Sam hires, just unsure of the rest. Which I guess is just Guiton, since it’s not likely the new TE coach will be leaving.