Any of you remember when we had Bear Bryant all ready to come

to be our new head coach but the President of Kentucky refused to release him from the last year of his contract despite the fact Bear was already told he would not be resigned?
So after that year was up we had no opening and Bear went to A&M.

Nowdays who would worry about a conract.

Better story, in the first week of December 1941 (maybe last week in November) Bear was named head Football coach at the UofA. A few days later, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and Bear went into the armed services. True story!

Thats certainly a timely story.

I have read and heard that, a true story

The list of Arkansas and UofA coaching ties is long & impressive. Always curious what UofA would be like if Bear had coached at Arkansas & if as successful as Broyles.

Probably would have been given some nickname based on his liquor of choice and been harassed on Internet message boards. Oh wait, there was no internet, so he might have worked out.

Jack Daniels & Jim Beam Memorial Razorback Stadium has a nice ring to it.