Any none-comittal guesses on the 10th coach

I’d love for Coach Roger Herriot (St. Thomas Aquainas) to get consideration as our Special Teams Coach.

He’s the best H.S. Coach we have here in my opinion as hes been selected as a Under Armour All-American High School gameFootball Coach twice and coached a team at the Army All-American High School Football coach.

Fmr Asst. Head coach at Florida Atlantic University.

My guess would be Charlie Partridge as a special teams coach and second defensive line assistant.

Charlie Partridge would be the perfect hire. I hope that’s who it is. But, he just took a job at Pitt. Moving his family again may not be the thing he wants to do. Charlie has background coaching kickers and punters. So that’s a good fit.

What I expect to happen with this 10th coach is that someone is hired in the summer who will be an analyst in the program. He won’t coach, but will slide in as the 10th coach in January. I could be wrong, but that was an indication as one possibility by someone close to the situation.