Any news or rumors on ladies BB coach?


The two most talked about are still playing.

Neighbors and Schafer play against each other Friday.,

washington and mississippi state play each other in the sweet 16 friday night…if it’s either one of those coaches one would probably know by the weekend after one loses.whomever it is will have to be part miracle worker to get them back to being respectable and relevant quickly i hope.

We should go one of the least expensive because for the next several years, ladies basketball at Arkansas is hopeless. Already three of highest rated players are graduating, transferred or will transfer and no quality uninjured player is signing with Arkansas. Nor do I see any hope in the near future. Quality SEC players choose teams that are either winning, have large fans bases, or both. Arkansas has less than 1,000 attending games which no doubt will be even lower next year and has the poorest winning percentage in the SEC.

Well then I suggest Coach Kimberly Jenkins of Valley Springs High. She’s a former UofA player and is a regular participant in Championship Saturday at Hot Springs.Could probably hire her for around 200 K a year. Guarantee her five years and stay out of her way. She’s also one of the most animated coaches I’ve ever watched. I would go to games just to watch her coach.

So without looking it up, who won that wash/miss st game last night

Miss Steak won. That means their coach gets first right of refusal for the Arkansas job. :wink:

I would bet my Ranger and every ounce of fishing equipment I have that it won’t be Vic. I watched the highlights of the MSST/Wash game, (first time in years watching any kind of basketball) because DD said both the coaches were Arkansas targets.

In doing so it became apparent that the heart of the MsSt team is it’s underclass-women center (frosh or soph maybe?). Just betting that Vic won’t leave this meal ticket back to another E-8 and possibly another final four or two. WAG


The timing seems right for Mike Neighbors to come back if the money (salary, buyout, etc.) is right. He was interested in the job a few years back and is losing the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer next year at Washington.

Somebody (don’t remember who) tweeted that we are willing to pay 700k for the new coach. Even more than usual, I have no idea if this tweet information is even remotely true. Might have to pay that much to take this job on.

Since nothing is moving forward, one can conclude that the candidates are in the Tournament. The two mentioned or others.

Well, if Neighbors is the leading candidate, he is out of the tournament now. And he’s losing the all-time leading scorer in NCAA women’s hoops history/national POY. Which might seem to be a good time to seek greener/warmer pastures. The longer this drags out, the more I wonder if Vic Schaefer is the guy. But we shall see.

I agree, Swine. I would question Schaefer to a certain degree. He’s already the coach of an SEC team and has the program in good shape, but coaches often leave for strange reasons. Hope we hear something soon.

Actually the pastures in the Seattle area, which are south and east of the U-Dub campus are just as green and warm as the ones in NWA. Pacific winds really moderate the temps up there and Washington is one of our biggest ag states. I have no idea how much support there is for women’s basketball at U-Dub, but we know how little there is in Fayetteville. Maybe Jeff Long can sell him on the fact that we have no tsunami evacuation routes in NWA.

At one time there was good support (and growing support) for the Lady’backs. But that was when Gary Blair was at the U of A. Since then the program has crashed and the support is long gone. It will take a herculean effort to bring back the program and the fans. Dykes had the right idea about growing the support of the program, but he failed on so many levels that things now seem to be even worse than when he started.

John White’s single most stupid & destructive decision at the UA. And there’s lots of competition for among his stupid decisions to choose from.

It is much more expensive to live in Seattle than Fayetteville. So I think in that respect, the money will be good at Arkansas as you weigh what it can buy. I’m told Neighbors is the guy who has been targeted. The buyout is a sticking point, but I bet it gets worked out.

I really hope it works out. He sounds like a great coach and seems the right age to be here a while.