any news on weight room activities, anything else

with the FB program?


As far as the O-line, Dustin Fry told me that his bunch has looked good in all areas of the weight room. Dalton Wagner is up to 310, with better bend and running. It’s good weight. His strength is way up. Austin Capps has shown better athletic ability than maybe they thought. His ability to bend and run is improved after flexibility work with Trumain Carroll’s staff. I spent most of my time Thursday with Fry and will write a column shortly – after shaking loose the cobwebs from staying up to 2 a.m. after the baseball game. Man, these night west coast games are killers. Not for old guys.

Thanks, Clay, I’m just dying for anything football and anything positive.

Watch out for that Thermal layer (or whatever you discussed on Bo’s show yesterday about baseball on the west coast)


Marine layer.

Glad to have youngsters like Clay stay up to report on West Coast Hawgball…

I gave it up at midnight east coast time.

Youngsters is not the right description. All I know is my phone and mail box filling up with Medicare stuff. They will not leave me alone.

Good luck Clay. It’s no fun dealing with Social Security/Medicare.

Getting old is not for sissy’s :flushed:

Who was the guy in the Razorback cap sitting at the computer? He was shown
a few times on the telecast and he was behind the broadcast crew that was covering the game. It looked like he has a red beard.