Any news on Treys shoulder /pec?


Well, I’d say it’s ok considering him and Barford were dancing for the camera after the game, and he wasn’t even worrying about it anymore.

Think it was just one of those things where he got hit hard there and it was just stinging for a while. Obliviously, I don’t have any inside information, just what I noticed.

I sure hope you are right. He was bent over in pain, holding what appeared to be his pectoral muscle, when he came off the floor. Please let him be 100% by noon tomorrow!

I asked him after the game.

He’s fine. It just stung him.

He was still dancing in the locker room and flailing his arms all around

Great news! Thanks

Does Trey have pecs? I used to have pecs and abs. Now I just have…oh never mind. Just joking. I hope everything is ok with him. :smiley: