Any news on Treveon Johnson?

Any updates on him?

He’s not sure when he’s signing. He has some work to do.

Thanks, our class seems to be getting smaller?

Can we get 18 to sign?

Tell me if I’m correct:
If you sign a prospect, and he does not qualify, he counts against your 25 annual signing limit.
However, since he cannot enroll as a scholarship player, he would not count against the 85 total scholarship limit.
This year we cannot sign nearly 25, so it seems that we should sign him anyway and place him if he is not eligible.

I just read elsewhere that we have moved on from Treveon Johnson and it’s not related to academics. So I have no idea what the deal is.

He won’t be signing with Arkansas.

Wrong. There is an “initial counter” limit of 25, as opposed to the “counter” limit of 85. A kid who does not qualify is not an initial counter, or a counter either for that matter. But there are rules to keep you from signing 30 players hoping that 25 of them will qualify.

However, it has been my experience that “sign and place” is a useless pursuit. Most of the people who get placed don’t come back to the school that placed them. Sign and place has been replaced by midyear recruits who get counted back to the preceding year’s class.

He’s going to SMU.

Isn’t the 25 signing limit referred to as “Initial Qualifier” rather than “counter”? This is the signing date for recruits who have not enrolled at another school and qualified there. If they are not initial qualifier, they would be transfers, and not count against the 25 limit. I think they have to qualify “after” enrolling by UA, and we’re technically signing potential qualifiers. A traditional high school or JC recruit can’t qualify until he graduates, so you can’t say for certain he won’t flunk a class in the spring and not qualify; it has happened. So I admit I could be mistaken, but I believe he would count against the 25 signing limit whether or not he goes on to qualify.

Nope. The NCAAese is initial counter. You don’t count until you qualify AND enroll. But after some of the shenanigans of schools signing 30+ to get 25, SEC limited how many you can sign period, and I think the NCAA has followed suit. Initial counter covers more than signees. If you give a walk-on a scholarship after his freshman year, he becomes an initial counter too. I think he has to be on the team two full years before he wouldn’t count against some year’s 25. Of course he does count against the 85 regardless.

Talk coming out of OU since the decommittment said he would not make his grades…and it was more OU moving on than anything else. Richard can you elaborate on this or the other issues? I still think we are going to need some more playmakers at WR to really make this offense go.

Doggone, I’ve learned something today. I looked it up and the NCAA has changed their lingo to “counter” rather than “qualifier”. The signing limit of 25 pertains to recruits who will be initial counters, so if Johnson signs a NLI, he is counted against the 25 initial counter limit, although as you say, he doesn’t count on the roster until he enrolls and qualifies.

“WHO SIGNS: Prospective student-athletes who will be entering four-year institutions for the first time as full-time students are permitted to sign an NLI. (International and home school prospective student-athletes shall be determined in accordance with their secondary education’s requirements for completion).”