Any news on Nudie?

Anyone hear anything on what Dwight’s going to do?

Would love to get him back with Q McAdoo ! That could be a nasty CB combo …


I hear he’s headed to Cypress Cove.


You never disappoint, Pavlov.

I’m not sure what to think about McGlothern. It seems a lot of transfers are one-and-done, but in looking at the NFL projections for cornerbacks, his name is not real prominent. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t impress in combines and workouts if he decides to go for it. And there are other professional football leagues where you can earn a paycheck.

Pittman speaks tonight on his show at the Catfish Hole. Maybe he’ll provide some insight.

I thought it was a pretty fair retort. I, too, would like to see him back.

Does Mrs. Pav know you’ve been there?

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That’s where they met. :kissing_heart:


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