Any news on KK, JD and Conner?

I am hoping no news is good news. I personally think we keep all of these guys. Though I acknowledge all I have is my own wishful thinking.

Conner can get stronger. Put the pre-Covid weight back on. he is still 7-3 with soft hands and a real shooting touch. And a good passer. And JD? I think he could be all-SEC next year. I honesty do.

As for KK, I just can’t see him leaving. He’s been hurt. I have watched almost all available footage of KK. KK is destined for greatness at the UofA, then a good career in the NBA. KK has it all. Lacks nothing but experience. He just needs to get healthy.

As for Moses, I still believe he heads to the NBA. But I do think he would benefit by coming back and developing under Muss for a year. Of course the possibility of catastrophic injury is what drives a kid like Moses to go ahead and sign. I do think one more year would almost guarantee he’d be a lottery pick. He might not be now, as Swine and others showed in links they provided.

Ummmm…maybe you’re right, maybe not

I don’t think JD Notae will be on the team next season. Just a feeling.

JD been in college 5 years already I think. Sat out the season in 1 of them. He probably ready to move on.

Nope, two years as a Jacksonville Dolphin, one year redshirt, one year as a Hog. Now whether he wants to move on or play that fifth year, I have no idea.

When ever I see this type of statement, as a fan of the team, I can understand it. As a realist, I have to ask… “What could he gain from a year under his college coach that he could not gain from a year under an NBA coach?” College and NBA are 2 different games. I’ve heard it said that some college players have to unlearn bad habits learned in college. Anyways, my point is, that is clearly a fan wanting one more year for his team, not an idea that’s in the best interest of the player, that is if the said player is a 1st rounder.

First round money is life changing… even if its not lottery level money. Second the player is under contract, that means even if he has an injury, he is covered and will get the best possible care and then doesn’t have to worry about that injury effecting a draft drop.

Votan, I agree with you.

If it was me, I’d leave and take the money, BUT (big but), Moses is a definite first rounder, and can improve his stock at the combine. However, if he stays in that 16-20 range (1st round, but not lottery), and decides to come back, he can easily move up. If he improves his deficiencies during the next year, he’d move up to lottery status, and maybe back into the Top 10, which he was up to 8 at one point. That’s huge money.

I don’t know what his ultimate goal is, but maybe he wants a ring before he goes pro, and can improve under Muss (who coached in the NBA and can help him fix his issues), or as you said, he can go pro and improve his deficiencies while making $$$$

A player comes back in a situation like Moody’s if: (1) the feedback he gets is not good, or (2) he wants to bet on himself to improve and go higher in the draft next year, or (3) there’s a bad taste in his mouth with how his college career would have ended. Item #3 is why MM might come back, although #1 could enter the picture as well.

The #10 pick in the 2020 NBA draft signed for $19.3 million, with slightly less than half of that guaranteed. The #25 pick signed for $10.8 million, also slightly less than half guaranteed. That’s a big bet to make on yourself, but if you cash in, you REALLY cash in.

I’m still seeing some mock drafts with MM in the top 10 even after the struggles in the Dance, but there’s a lot of time for that to change before the draft in late July.

When we know something for sure, it will be up right away on this board.

But we don’t traffic in rumors, we look into them and see what’s what.


And there is a whole lot of rumors out there.

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Yeah I’m not trying to traffic rumors on this board.

I posted I don’t think JD will be back next season.

Just my opinion, I’ve no “insider” knowledge or anything.

Teach something here: If he plays in college for 90% of all games, but only plays 15% in pro games, where will he have more opportunity to develop?

I don’t think he will be back either, jeg. Guess we will see

Moses won’t play in 15 percent of games.

if he declares for the draft, is selected by a team and does not make that team’s rotation, that team will send him to its G-league affiliate so he will get playing time.

Pretty much what happened to Isaiah Joe this season.

The big difference is he would have a bigger bank account.

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You have an excellent point

In college he is only allowed a certain amount of time per rules to be worked with I think through the course of a year. In the NBA, it can be every day, as much as he can handle. That’s just practicing. As for game numbers, well 90% of a 30 game season or 15% of an 82 game season would boil down to about half as much game time but against lesser talent in college than when in the NBA. Still the biggest advantage is the year round work outside of game time all while under contract and safely getting paid.

Consider this as well. There is a huge jump in talent from high school to college. Another huge jump between college and NBA (even G League). To be the best you have to play against the best. So would he develop more playing against lesser talent or against better talent on a daily basis.

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Thanks Dudley. I know you don’t traffic in rumors. That is what I love about this board. You and Clay are actual journalists.

I also am not really wondering that much about Moses. I imagine he’s going pro.

I am reading alot of rumors about JD. I will try to ignore them! I just worry a little…because I think he can really flourish next year. We need him.

That used to be the same reasons given as to why MLB teams wanted players as soon as they could get them vs drafting college players. They have changed their opinion a lot on that the past several years. Much more battle tested players from college, playing in pressure games, in front of a lot more people

I want to be clear that I did not say you were

I have noticed on this board, with the exception of my man Dudley, there is a plethora of rumor mongers. I have no inside info but!