Any news on Garland ?

Maybe Garland gets cleared soon

He won’t be tested again until sometime in December. They’d be pleasantly surprised to have him this year but aren’t planning on it. He hasn’t played 5 on 5 so he’d have to catch up.

Jimmy if he’s cleared in December that would be a bonus. Depth and another shooter! He may have some catching up to do but 10 minutes a game would be nice. I’m hoping Garland gets cleared.

I wouldn’t call Garland a shooter. He is a scorer. With him available, we will have a solid backcourt rotation.

Agreed. He is a more capable ball handler and defender than C.J. and a better ball handler and comparable shooter to Darious.

I wonder now if the SC State player collapsing makes everyone evaluate everything with Garland, assuming his condition is related to cardiovascular.