Any news on Chad's contract with Auburn?

I heard the end of Clay discussing it this am on the radio, but missed most of the conversation.

This job just really gets in the way of my life!


Auburn has not released the contract details.

thx. I’m expecting them to pay him $1, per year.


He gets a bonus if 25% of the offense is installed by the 10th game and they only have one backfield collision per game…


don’t forget that every big play must be called back since a WR is aligned wrong.

Oh, and some super-nifty ST play should get him a bonus also.


That was some of the weakest BS that a coach ever spoke. He never could get his offense installed. That is not something you want to admit. It means your offense is either too complicated or the players are too dumb to learn it. We only ran around 15-20 plays and we could never get lined up right on those.

Biggest bonus is for trick plays from punt formation.

Fixed it for you.:wink:

Don’t they do FOI’s in Bama???

Every state’s FOIA law is different. In Arkansas, a public agency generally has to respond within three business days. In Alabama it is 14 business days.

:+1: thanks

So how many days ago did you make the request, Matt?

I didn’t make a request at Auburn, but we have a media friend there who is going to pass along the information when his request is answered. He made his request the day Morris was hired. I suspect Auburn will wait until near the end of its allotted time to fulfill the request for public records.

I’m not sure if Alabama is this way, but in some states you cannot file a FOIA request unless you are a resident. I’ve run into that issue before when trying to request information from schools in other states.

Pretty simple to me.

He’ll be a better coach at Auburn because he will have better players to work with on offense.


What Dudley said

And he won’t be calling the plays…

Then it seems he would’ve looked great against Portland St and San Jose St. etc.

Should have beaten Portland State by more, but San Jose State turned out to be a better team than Arkansas and took $1.5 million home for their trouble.

Then as the athletic director said clearly, they quit on him after Kentucky.

He did not do a good job while he was here, but he is not a bad coach or a bad person.

I don’t think Jason Garrett is a bad coach or a bad person, he’s just not the coach for Dallas.

Same with Coach Morris.

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I agree 100% Dudley.

Two years in a row his team quit on him… good coaches don’t have that happen IMO.