Any news on Boyd's and Gerald's arrival?

Aren’t they due to be on campus by now?

Often times you’re at the mercy of the JCs getting the grades and transcript processed.

So does this mean they are not on campus?

According to the UA directory, neither is registered as a student at this time, which would indicate that neither is yet on campus.

Thanks Matt.

One of the reasons JC’s almost never contribute the first year.

Lucky if you get 1 year out of them.

RD do you still expect Dorian to be on the field this year. Starting to worry about him and Boyd. Going to suck if we do not get these guys after the excitement of landing both of them.

Sorry just saw thread about this under football board.

Still a good question.

I’m just proud to see the young man has posted the staus of his classes and when he will be on campus. God’s speed!

Great news. Thanks for the update. You got to know Hog fans are excited to see
you on the field in your Razorback uniform this fall. WPS!

I thought I saw something on twitter from Dorian saying he’s about to wrap everything up after this first summer session and be here like 8/1…Pretty late start to make a big impact this year. Maybe he can do it tho.