Any news after the game on Smith's injury?

I hope it’s nothing major. We are really going to need him these next 2 games.

Eric Musselman after the game:

“I don’t really know, but obviously (Justin Smith) was in a boot. He has an ankle on one foot and a calf on the other. But it’s next man up. Hopefully he’ll do some rehab and I don’t know what the docs will say once we get home and so on and so forth.”

We’ll talk to him again Thursday afternoon. He might have an update by then, but not sure.


Dang. That doesn’t sound too encouraging. I hate to be short handed for the MO and TN games. We’ll need Vance and Williams to pick up the slack on the boards and the interior defense. Or just play lots of small ball like we did in the 2nd half

The good news is that this seems to be a much deeper roster.

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I agree on deeper roster. But we seem a pretty skinny team with few if any bangers if Smith is out.

Deeper?..I don’t recall Jackson playing in the second half. And, except for Davis replacing Tate when he got in foul trouble it looked like we just wore on our top 6, yet still won by 12

Jackson played one minute in the second half and got a rebound, according to the second half box score. Jaylin played 3 minutes, Ethan played one minute.

Deeper in that more can play if needed than last year. Does not mean they will play.

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When I heard coach say that I could not help but thinking like a smart aleck. He has an ankle on one foot and a calf on the other. Really? I thought almost everybody did. Sort of standard.

Of course, I knew what he meant, but just sort of stuck me as funny

I agree Colorado. I’ve always been amused when coaches, especially in football, say things like “Smith has a shoulder, Jones has a knee, and Johnson has a groin”.

Smith is questionable for Saturday. Has a deep done bruise, Musselman said today. He added Smith’s ankle is swollen and sore. Doesn’t believe it will be a long-term deal.

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Good news!

I watched Smith very closely when he came back in the game and he could move on it,just not full speed,dont think it real serious but we will find out.

Thanks. Better news than I expected. Questionable is better than out or doubtful.

If he is still sore on Saturday it may be best to give him time to get 100% instead of playing hurt. The hogs look much better with him on the floor.

We will play to win the game, I’m sure. He will play if he can help accomplish that.

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