Any new update on Garland?

I know he is red shirting but has progress been made for him to be cleared to play?

Nope. I’d be surprised if he ever plays. Maybe it’s not a closed door, but it just doesn’t seem likely.

FWIW. There is a tweet out from him today “saying I am coming back better than before”. It appears he is working hard in the gym on improving his jumper.

Clay, what’s your opinion based on? Can you give a little more insight? Thanks

Please remind of his condition again.

I can’t recall specifics


No one has ever confirmed the condition because of privacy.

But it has been assumed to be a cardiac condition.

My educated assessment is the same as Clay’s.

One hopes that things can work for him, but so far nothing has indicated that it is going to happen.

Sad for the young man, so much promise, and beckoning
toward a bright career. Still, hope he can gain solid footing
for a long, fruitful life while sharing our love for the Razorbacks.

So Clay/Dudley both of you don’t think that he will play and you guys are close to the program. I would just ask if this is so then why the reports of him working out on his own and saying he will be back. Also is he still working with the team on a limited basis.

Nothing I know suggests he will be cleared to ever participate in anything close to a scrimmage. I guess something could change, but nothing has changed yet.

Working out individually and being put in stressful, competitive situations are two different things.

Arkansas can not take that liability without a doctor clearing him. That has not happened.

The Hippa stuff keeps Arkansas from saying more, but it’s just a tough medical situation for the young man and his family.

Thanks for the replies. That is a real shame for the kid.Just fortunate that what ever it is was detected…So, does he stay on scholarship or how do they work that.

He will never lose his scholarship.

Great! The way it should be.

To be precise, if he is deemed medically unable to play, he is removed from the list of 13 basketball scholarship players, but he can still remain on scholarship.

And I am 90% sure if that happens he can never play here again even if he got better. That rule was put in to keep teams from stockpiling kids with a “medical issue “ and them suddenly getting better once they were needed.

Here is my question, I was told the same thing that you just said by someone that would definitely be in the know. My question for Dudley, Richard, or Clay is this, if it’s assumed he won’t play anymore, and his scholarship goes to medical instead of athletic, do they use it on a 18, or 19 recruit?

That is sad if true. This kid has a better hop than Hall and is a better player than Hall.

FWIW, contrary to Clay and Dudley, the Garland camp seems to be very optimistic.

I’m hoping the young man gets cleared to play.

I think this is one reason that it is playing out like it is. While I’ve assumed for months now that it is unlikely he will play at all (since he hasn’t been released to play by now). the coaches want to give the player as much time and show as much patience as they can to make sure that is the case. It’s the right thing to do, generally. Beyond that, there’s no reason to make the player (and family) involved feel “rushed”, or that he was prematurely railroaded into giving up his option to play (even though his education would still be paid for). Especially, if they remain optimistic and think the release may be given (for whatever reason they make think that). It’s important that he feel that the program stood behind him, took their time and did everything they could to allow him to play (get medical clearance). If he doesn’t have that clearance by July or August, it will be time to make that decision and use the scholarship on a player in the 2019 class. He will have had a fair shot and should understand, by then, that the program has to move on.

Of course, I hope that we are all pleasantly surprised, and that his situation becomes one that the doctors feel good about, and release him to play. That would be the best outcome.