Any New Portal Transfer News

Just curious if anyone knew about any other potential portal transfers. I know we had several visitors in the last several days and are on the potential lists of some others, but was wondering if anyone had heard any buzz…

I know we lost out on Mekhi Wingo and Jaxon Player. I was really hoping for one of those two.

What are our biggest position needs for a portal transfer?
Who are some of the players we’re still in the hunt for?

Obviously I know about the big 4 we have already landed… Jaden Haselwood, Landon Jackson, Drew Samders, and Dwight McGlothern. ALL HUGE for us. Woo Pig.

Good question.

And the answer is?

The safety from Georgia is on campus now , DD is reporting


Hoping we get another DB and another DL through the portal. Don’t know much about the Georgia DB but he’s got to be decent.

We report everything we find out about right away.


If you don’t have anything new, can you just make something up? I know of a couple of sites like that. lol. Exciting time to be a Hog fan again!! I for one am excited and a bit impatient which feels wonderful after years of apathy!

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