Any more news on Garland

Well I know I asked a few weeks ago but has anything changed?

I’m afraid we got to let that go brother.

Well at least if he isn’t going to able to play it’s time to get another player to fill that roster spot. I sure hoped at some point the young man would be able to play.

It’s why you still see Arkansas recruiting for the 2019 class. We don’t even have room for Hill right now, Gafford going pro will solve that but would still need to free up another spot, which putting 2 & 2 together suggests it will be Garland’s spot.

Certainly a chance someone else could transfer as well.

I promise we will have in on here in seconds and flesh it out with a story.

It will also be on TV and radio.

It will be big news.

But as long as his status stays the same - that being he has not been cleared medically and there is nothing at this point to suggest it might happen - then there is nothing new to report.

I do personally believe that Arkansas is recruiting as if he might not be with them next year, but nothing official has been said about that and shouldn’t be.