Any Mason Jones Dunk video

Please put in this thread.

lol i dont think there are any…and most of the rebounds i saw him get no one was really around the basket so we will just have to wait and see, if the Lord tarries

Man, y’all can’t be happy about anything.

It’s always criticizing a commit immediately instead of being happy about it.

Dude had good averages and led his team to a 31-4 mark and the Elite Eight.

I mean who wants a winner like that when film show he got rebounds with nobody around as opposed to not getting any.

I don’t know if he is going to be a great player like his brother, but I also know I don’t look for the bad in people first.

What does “if the Lord tarries” mean?

After watching his highlights and watching a full game they had on youtube, I really like what brings. I told another guy he reminds me of a taller Dusty Hannahs. Which is a guy that’s not going to blow you away with athleticism, but he’s very crafty and knows how to get to the rim, can get his shot off anytime, and has unlimited range.

Everybody doesn’t have to have Michael Qualls type athleticism to be a good player. One of our best teams we’ve had under Anderson consisted of a starting back court of Dusty Hannahs and Manny Watkins for a good portion of the year. Neither of whom I seen ever get a dunk in an actual game.

I’m happy. Not only is he a winner even better he is a winner that can shoot! I just wanted to see a dunk video of him.

Knew of a preacher who says that phrase, “If the Lord tarries,” when he makes announcements and such. “You know, the meeting is tonight . . . if the Lord tarries”

As far as Dunks & Rebounds I believe he could easily do the 360 dunks & ally-oops but chooses not too. If you look closely his elbow is near or above the rim itself when securing a defensive rebound (7 per game)… I honestly believe it just doesn’t cross his mind.

Some people don’t realize that CJ Jones was this (below video) athletic and 2" taller but it was never displayed in a actual game because he handicapped himself (imo) to the 3pt line.


“If the Lord tarries” is a way of stating that tomorrow isn’t promised because Jesus could come any day and most of the things that we people worry about will not matter at that point… And you’re right on with your sentiment brother we should be happy considering his stats I guess we, me in particular have become a little spoiled and anxious for nothing