Any Jim “Bad News” Barnes stories?

I read a little biographical stuff on him while reading about Don Haskins. Any Arkansans have a “Bad News” story?

I don’t think this is going to move your needle too much, but I remember that name because I grew up in El Paso and so knew about him as a Texas Western player. He played on some very good teams that went largely unnoticed on a national level because it was just before the 1966 National Championship shot Texas Western (thereafter, UT El Paso) to high visibility.

I remember Barnes as a talented player inside. Very strong and active - what we would call a power forward these days. He played on the same teams with Nolan Richardson. Barnes averaged 29 points and 19 rebounds as a senior for a team that went 25-3.

He’s from the Newport area, and though he’s a little before Dudley’s time, he may have heard some stories he can relay.

Bad News was a legend, one I got to meet, but one I only remember getting to play at the end of his career with the Celtics.

He was born In Tuckerman and played a couple of years at Branch, which was an all-black high school in Newport, before ending up in Oklahoma.

One of the biggest men I ever remember seeing.

Charles Balentine, my former teammate and best friend from the fourth grade on, drew a lot of comparisons to Bad News when he was in high school. They are considered the two best players in Newport history.

Barnes would have been second and Charles third if a kid that moved to Newport before our junior season had stayed.

His name: Karl Malone.

My starting line up would have been 6-8, 6-7, 6-7, 6-6 and me at 5-9 and would have included two NBA draft picks, an NFL one in Theo Young and another that played college basketball.

I was an assist machine in high school, but it was pretty easy.

As for stories, I am told that no one messed with him and that is truly where the Bad News nickname came from